LUSAKA Province PF chairman Paul Moonga says opposition political parties which know they cannot win this year’s general election should join the ruling party to avoid spoiling votes and triggering a rerun.

In an interview, Moonga said a rerun could be very costly for Zambia.

“We need everyone to come on board so that the votes are not spoilt. We can’t afford to go for an election re-run just because you want to form government. Even one vote alone is a threat in elections, it may not make it possible to win 50 per cent plus one. Remember, this time around it’s not the one who crosses the line who becomes the winner, things are different now; it’s 50 per cent plus one, therefore, any vote counts in the Patriotic Front. One would be so foolish to think even just five votes is not a threat. It’s a threat, it’s a spoiler and that spoiler may hinder you from achieving a 50 per cent plus one win. We may end up going for a re-run because we are going to have so many spoilers and this is going to drain the economy, it’s going to be an expense,” Moonga said.

“In the jungle, even a thorn is a threat to the lion; in the jungle, we have cobras but even small snakes, everything is a threat. Zambia is a jungle in which every vote counts. Because every vote counts, everything is a threat, those that fear cobras or the lion should know that even thorns are a problem because you can’t walk properly, you will step on a thorn and it will harm you, it will slow down your speed. So, as the ruling party, we won’t take anything lightly.”

Moonga assured that even those that left the ruling party were welcome to rejoin because larger numbers were going to make the PF stronger.

“In the Bible, Abraham told his children to get one stick to break it, he broke it into two. Then, three sticks until they became four. So, the bigger the number, the more solid we are going to be as PF. We are a party in government; if anybody wants to come back to the party, they will come back to the party. (Chishimba) Kambwili was our member until he was expelled. If Kambwili wants to come back, if (Harry) Kalaba wants to come back and if HH (Hakainde Hichilema) wants to represent PF, let them all come, come, we dine together and we will convince our colleagues to welcome you, too! Come, we work together, together we will rule beyond 2026 and that I can assure you. We are winning this election on a very big margin because the people of Zambia know that the Patriotic Front is here to stay,” he said.

“If all political parties want to join PF, all of you come and join us and we eat nshima together! All the political parties should come, Mwenye Musenge come, (Dr Fred) M’membe where are you? Let them come, so that once we are together, we teach them how to stay as human beings. All those masquerading as opposition leaders here and there, come join us so that we talk to one another. That way, we will be communicating with each other and we will be bringing unity in this country.”

And Moonga lamented that having too many political parties in Zambia had led to divisions.

“In Zambia there are a lot of political parties because it’s a democratic country and this has led to more divisions. I am not saying there should be no opposition political parties in Zambia, but there must be genuine opposition with principles and ideologies. Once we have political parties formed on a tribal basis, we will have a problem and a crisis, we end up in a situation where people kill each other. So far, the only opposition political party, which is national is MMD and UNIP, the rest are on tribal grounds, others it’s frustrations!” said Moonga.