A LAWYER representing UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s aides, Mubita Nawa and Antonio Bwalya, says police have recorded a warn and caution with four counts of forgery, theft, giving false information and altering official documents against the duo.

In an interview, Mulambo Haimbe disclosed that it was alleged the duo stole 1,500 National Registration Cards (NRCs), among other offences.

He said that Nawa and Bwalya were yet to be charged and were still in police detention.

“As of last evening (Tuesday) about 18.00 hours, we had a warn and caution statement recorded from them at Woodlands Police by the officers, who are investigating the matter. There are four counts that were committed by them: the first count is that it was alleged that they stole 1,500 NRCs belonging to the government of Zambia. The second count is forgery; it is alleged that they forged four NRCs. The third count is the uttering of a false document. So, it is alleged that in October of last year, they uttered a false document to Muvi TV being those four NRCs the same ones in issue. The final count is giving false information, again, it is alleged that they gave false information on Muvi TV,” narrated Haimbe.

“They have not been given bond because, of course, bond is at the discretion of police. We understand that they will be arraigned before court anytime soon. The period in which they can be detained without being formally charged, because this was just a warn and caution statement and are yet to be charged, had lapsed. So, we expect that they should be arraigned as soon as possible. All the offences are bailable and they are bondable, unfortunately, we can’t force the police to exercise their discretion. The warn and caution is for the whole four counts. They are basically just being told that they are being investigated for those offences and that police may arrest them and have them prosecuted at any time. So, that is where we are. Quite clearly, there will be a need to get to the bottom of these though a proper court process. We expect that our clients will be in a position to explain their point of view.”