TRANSPARENCY International Zambia executive director Maurice Nyambe has wondered how the Attorney General will handle the Honeybee contract given that he had already justified the process through which it was awarded.

In an interview, Nyambe hoped that the Attorney General would this time around, approach the issue with the seriousness it deserves.

“On forwarding the Honeybee contract to the Attorney General, we are keenly watching to see how the AG will handle this given that he already justified the erroneous award of the contract as having been a result of a typing error. Our hope is that the AG will this time around approach the matter with the level of seriousness it deserves in order to ensure that we right the wrongs that occurred over this matter,” he said.

Nyambe added that changes made at Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) and Medical Stores Limited (MSL) are progressive and urged the Minister, Dr Jonas Chanda to maintain the momentum and not get frustrated.

“The changes made at ZAMRA and MSL by the new Health Minister are progressive at face value and potentially a good starting point for the wholesome improvements that are needed at the MoH, especially on relation to the procurement and distribution of medical supplies. Dr Chanda has started on a positive note and our hope is that he will maintain this momentum and not get frustrated by forces that are keen to protect their interests,” said Nyambe.

Health Minister, Dr Chanda on Friday announced the dissolution of the ZAMRA board and the finalisation of the transition of MSL to the Zambia Medicines Supply Agency (ZAMSA), which will now be in charge of procurement.

He also noted that his ministry will soon be consulting the Attorney General on the way forward with the Honeybee contract.