United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has dropped Stephen Katuka and Charles Kakoma from the positions of party secretary general and spokesperson respectively, appointing them as chairperson for national heritage and chairperson for commerce trade and industry instead.

Meanwhile, Hichilema has challenged government to pay KCM workers their redundancy packages immediately.

Speaking at a press briefing, Thursday, Hichilema announced that party deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka would continue serving in that capacity while Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa was appointed as publicity chairperson.

He did not, however, announce new secretary general and spokesperson office bearers.

“We have been working very hard to come up with this list. We don’t want to do things the haphazard way. We need more women in the National Management Committee (NMC) and we added more women in the NMC . Chairperson strategy Mobilisation, Silvia Masebo, commerce trade and industry chairperson, Charles Kakoma. Jack Mwimbu legal and constitutional affairs. Cornelius Mweetwa publicity chairperson, Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane chairman finance and economics, Watson Mumba, Treasurer general. Women affairs chairperson Doreen Mwamba, Chairperson youth affairs Gilbert Liswaniso, international relations chairperson Rose Sakala, chairperson community development Brenda Tambatamba, Deputy women affairs chairperson Sillweta Mutelo, the other deputy Edith Kamanga. Deputy youth affairs Cindy Kauka. Chairperson infrastructure development Likando Mufalali, chairperson elections Gary Nkombo, deputy chairperson finance and economics Grace Chirwa,” Hichilema said.

“Chairperson tourism Jayhard Yambayamba, chairperson energy Charles Kaisala. Chairperson small medium business, Mubanga Elias, chairperson local government Milton Samakai. Vice-national chairpersons, Andrew Banda and Namakaku Kabwiku. National heritage chairperson Stephen Katuka. Agriculture chairman Levy Ngoma, chairman general William Banda. Industry chairperson, Bernard Mpundu. Deputy secretary general politics, Patrick Mucheleka, deputy secretary general administration Gertrude Membe chairman Kabesha Mulilo.”

Meanwhile l, Hichilema challenged government to pay KCM workers their redundancy packages immediately.

“Here is my message, you say we are not campaigning because of MMC, why all the structures are in place. Let us go to campaign. We know your suffering. This is in your hands be our campaign managers. We are concerned with the welfare of miners on the Copperbelt. And very briefly we want to leave four messages, one; KCM must stop doing politics. What they have started doing is to remove KCM workers who are perceived to be opposition especially when they want to contest elections. Don’t play games, KCM is not your mother’s company. You are abusing companies and favouring PF members. Number two, we have been observing that they have been getting contracts favouring PF cadres and ministers killing businesses. It’s unacceptable. Number three, KCM has accrued more debts after liquidation you can see how the PF is, anything they lay hands on, they destroy. And this debt is your debt as Zambians. PF have been denying that they are not declaring any employees redundant in the mine, they are lying, they have declared a number of miners redundant already. All those you have declared redundant, we demand that the PF and their own surrogates there must pay the full packages of the redundant workers,” said Hichilema.