PF national chairperson Samuel Mukupa says there is no need for the Law Association of Zambia to engage the party over PF Lusaka Province chairman Paul Moonga’s remarks as the party has already acted on the matter.

In a statement, Wednesday LAZ stated that it would engage the PF to register its disquiet.

In an interview Mukupa wondered why LAZ was pushing the matter beyond the limit as the party had already distanced itself from Moong’s remarks.

” I don’t know why this matter is being pushed beyond its limit in my view. Because the position of the party is very clear, the statement attributed to one Paul Moonga does not in any way stress the position of the party. We are so much restricted on adherence to governance and to the separation of power. In my view anyone undermining whether by word or deed, anyone undermining these institutions and the authority bestowed on them by the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia, I think he is an enemy of society, it is not good,” he said.

“So, that is not an issue which would be a subject for discussion. This is an isolated case. When Sangwa made very disparaging remarks on the individual judges, there was nothing like we are going to hold a conference and discuss this matter, and push it beyond what it should be. So this is not fair, as far as the party is concerned that is once off disciplinary case. We have also made a clarion call to party members that we will not tolerate this kind of thing, and that in future any remarks to this extent will need very stringent measures. Because it brings the party into disrepute. We adhere to democracy, we are adherent to the rule of law.”

He said PF was not ready to engage LAZ in discussions over Moonga’s remarks.

“So if the Law Association of Zambia wants to start splitting hairs on a statement of a person, this is a statement made by one individual, why should it involve the party? It is on record that the party will not tolerate indiscipline now and in future. The Law Association of Zambia was talking about writing to the party to discuss this kind of issue, no! If it is to write to the party, to sit down, discuss issues that talk about the general good of this country, it is very welcome. But I don’t think this should be the topic. Because as far as the party is concerned, there will be no answer other than what we have already said. That is an individual statement coming from a person who by all manner of description could be called extremely misguided. So it can’t be a topic for discussion, no,” he said.

” One case of Sangwa who basically insulted the intelligence of the Judiciary, and later, on his own, he said ‘I am sorry about it’. That is a very eminent person in the profession of law, I can’t remember any organisation, LAZ inclusive calling for indaba to discuss that matter.”

When reminded that Sangwa was punished by the judiciary, Mukupa said the punishment did not affect his law firm.

“The question was for how long was he suspended? Was he suspended as an individual or as a firm? Don’t give me that story of suspension, it is cosmetic. Sangwa’s firm still continued working. So why do they want to rub this thing to the party. As if for some reason the party had sent him to go and say that statement. No please this is not fair. For me, the topic, just like that of Sangwa, should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. It is not an issue we should engage the nation no! That is my position and that is the position of the party. But any other issue we can discuss because they are for the general good of our country,” Mukupa said.

Asked if further disciplinary action would be taken against Moonga, Mukupa said the party had its own way of disciplining its members.

“We have also our internal discipline, so they should wait if they want to wait for that kind of discipline. We have also our internal discipline which starts with caution, written reprimand, suspension including expulsion. You have seen us exercising these things. I think a timely comment from the Law Association of Zambia is very much welcome but to make it a national topic I think it will be not a fair way of handling the matter,” said Mukupa.