PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says embattled NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili should return to the ruling party because that is where he belongs.

Speaking when he met aspiring candidates and party officials from Ndola, Kitwe and Masaiti, Saturday, Mwila said Kamwbili had suffered for the PF and would therefore be embraced without any difficulties.

“All of us must concentrate on mobilising and forming branches because we have to maximize the votes for the President. We are here because of the party and the President. That is why loyalty must be to the party and President, not individuals. As you are forming branches, please bring all those that left the party, bring them to the party especially those who were once our members, this is their home, including honorable Chishimba Kambwili let him come to the party because this is where belongs. He started the party, he is one of the founding members of the party, he worked for this party, he suffered for this party,” Mwila said.

“It is important that he comes back to his home, that is PF. His brothers and sisters, the cousins, mothers they are in PF. We told him where you are going you will not be accommodated because they are not part of you, you are not part of them. And that is exactly what is happening. But I pray to my God, our God he will consider coming back to the party. We know him, he knows us. We know his family, he knows our family. He knows our weaknesses, he knows our strength. So it will be easy for him to come and we are going to embrace him without any difficulties.”

And Mwila said no one had been adopted yet.

“Other people are going round that I have already been adopted, the party has not adopted anyone. That is why we have this process because if we adopted some people, we were not going to have this process. So all of them, incumbent members of parliament, independent MPs, no one has been adopted, they have to go through the same scrutiny where the constituency will scrutinise them, the district, the province finally the Central Committee will make a final decision. The independent MPs we told them to apply to my office because we did not want them to resign but that does not mean they have already been adopted, no. They will go through the same scrutiny. So if anyone has not performed, he will be left out. If he had performed, he will be re-adopted,” said Mwila.