FOUNDING President Dr David Kaunda is reported to have been living without water supply at his residence for the past one week, after a water pump developed a fault.

According to sources at the Ministry of Works and supply the fault was reported but there has not been a directive yet to have the water supply restored to the statesman’s house, leaving him without bathing water.

“I’m absolutely disgusted on how our government is looking after the old man. For five days now he has been without running water due to a fault with his water pump. The Ministry was contacted but as of today, (yesterday) no one has gone there to check on the matter. I hear today is when they want to send a team to go and survey. So during these times of COVID-19, the old man cannot wash his hands or even wash himself. He has to go four to five days without water, without washing himself. His food cannot be washed and prepared properly nor dishes cleaned,” the source said.

“But then despite the Ministry having received the report, the officials here are saying the matter can only be fixed after three or four days when no one has even been to survey or evaluate the situation.”

The source added that water is being sourced from neighbours to allow the former Head of State to freshen himself.

The source further added that Dr Kaunda’s family now plans to move him to a different location because the house was being considered inhabitable due to lack of water supply.

“We hear the family is now working on moving him to another location until these people here get their act together because they are saying he cannot go on like this. They are now frustrated because it has taken too much time to get this matter fixed despite the matter being reported. I feel very sad for the old man and this government must be ashamed,” said the source.