A 62-YEAR-OLD woman has been sentenced to one year, six months imprisonment for stealing K1,750 from her former son-in-law and trespassing on his property.

This is in a case where Alesya Ngulube was charged with criminal trespass and theft.

Facts of the matter are that on November 25, 2020 Ngulube unlawfully trespassed on the premises of Able Mwaba, her former son-in- law with intent to commit a felony, namely to steal.

Ngulube also stole K1,750 the property of Mwaba’s current wife Harriet.

Ngulube was found guilty and was convicted accordingly.

During trial, Ngulube’s 12 year old grandson, narrated and confessed that he was sent to steal money from his father’s home by Ngulube.

Mwaba testified that from the time he divorced Ngulube’s daughter, he never had peace.

Mwaba also caught Ngulube inside his premises.

After trial, Ndola magistrate Brian Simachela convicted Ngulube saying the prosecution had proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

In his findings, Magistrate Simachela established that Ngulube trespassed Mwaba’s residence and that she sent her grandson to steal money.

He also noted that it was not the first time Ngulube was trespassing at her former son in law’s home as the local court had earlier issued restraining order to stop her from frequenting his home.

“There is evidence she committed the offences. Prosecution witness number two who is her grandson gave evidence and confessed that she sent him to steal money from his father’s home. I have no doubt he was a credible witness,” said Magistrate Simachela.

“In view of my findings, I have come to one inescapable conclusion that the prosecution team have proved the case beyond reasonable doubt. I find you guilty of two offences and convict you accordingly.”

In mitigation, Ngulube, who had difficulties explaining herself, said she was sorry for committing the offences.

But Magistrate Simachela condemned Ngulube for her behavior, stating that it was disappointing that she had to involve herself in such activities instead of inculcating good morals in her grandson.

“I have taken into consideration your mitigation, I must state that the offences you were charged with are very serious ones and attract custodial sentences with hard labour. It is very disappointing that as an elderly person who is supposed to inculcate good morals in children can do such a thing. To deter you and would be offenders, I will punish you so that you reflect on your actions. I have exercised my maximum lienency by sentencing you to three months in count one and one year six months in count two. The sentences will run concurrently,” said Magistrate Simachela.