HUNGER knows no tribe, those issuing tribal remarks don’t have brains, says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

And Hichilema says the UPND government will double the amount being given to social cash transfer beneficiaries.

Speaking to residents of Mungwi district in Northern Province, Thursday, Hichilema said the UPND would also implement good working conditions for civil servants.

“We have suffered enough; we need to change government on the 12th of August. On the 12th of August, we need to change, you should wake up early and vote, the councillor UPND, MP UPND, chairman UPND, President UPND. We want change! Let’s agree, PF has failed, isn’t it? We have suffered enough. Do you know that HH is a farmer? When you put us in government, we will be giving one person eight bags of fertilizer. The price of fertilizer, we shall reduce the price of fertilizer from K700, K800 to K250,” Hichilema said.

“Now, civil servants are being cheated that when HH comes, he will take away the debt swap. Now, listen who caused civil servants to have debt? [It] is the PF. Us we will give them good conditions, salaries will be paid on time, even their allowances will be paid on time, interests will come down, they will live well. The whole country has decided to change, do you people from Mungwi want to remain behind? People of Mungwi don’t be cheated on social cash transfer, we will keep you well. Before you wait for social cash transfer funds, we will take you to school, those who have completed school, we will give them jobs. Those on social cash transfer we will double, you will be getting twice than what the PF is giving you. We are tired of the PF lies, they lie in the morning, they lie in the afternoon, they lie at night.”

Hichilema further urged the residents of Mungwi to campaign for the UPND.

“Now I want you guys to go and campaign. You are now the campaign managers for bally. Because whenever I want to campaign, they are disrupting me, have you seen? So go and campaign door to door, campaign for change. Then on 12th August wake up early and go and vote. At 05:00 hours you are already on the line, by 11 [hours] you have already voted. PF likes stealing votes, but this time we have refused, no one will steal votes. You should protect the votes,” said Hichilema.

“If you let them steal the votes, then there will be hunger for another five years, you will continue suffering, soap is expensive, cooking oil is expensive, sugar is now expensive, everything is now expensive. There are others who want to issue tribal remarks, but those who are issuing tribal remarks are mad, they don’t have brains because we are one people. Hunger knows no tribe, let us work together.”

Later during the day, police in Mungwi attempted to block Hichilema from accessing certain roads during his roadshows and mask distribution activities. It was only after negotiations that the procession was allowed to proceed.

Earlier, police In Kasama blocked the opposition leader from distributing face masks in the area.