MOVEMENT for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary general Lucky Mulusa says PF is a rejected party such that any pronouncement that it has won the elections will create chaos.

In an interview, Monday, Mulusa said PF needed to dissolve after the polls because its governance culture was something which Zambians did not want to experience again.

“There are no two ways about these elections, there is just one way, they are gone. Everything they try to do is actually backfiring, so PF is gone. The best way for the PF is for those who still have light, they need to look at how they are going to live beyond the elections. We have visited various Provinces and you can see that PF is no more. They need to now start looking at their individual lives and see how they can interact with Zambians. PF after 12 August 2021 needs to dissolve because its culture is something that we Zambians do not want to see again,” he said.

Mulusa said there was no chance of PF winning the elections.

“Nothing at all, there is no chance at all of PF winning. If PF wins, the question would be how? And the second question would be, who are they going to govern because you cannot govern an unruly nation? Zambians are no longer willing to be governed by PF. So you can’t govern an unruly nation even if you get the army and the police, you can never govern the unruly. They have no chance to manipulate, even if they did, they could have a chance and lose maybe only by 40 percent,” he said.

“PF has been rejected everywhere to an extent where a pronouncement of PF win will create chaos in this country. The army can be powerful, the police can be powerful but let me ask them, which country has an army or the police defeated the people?”

Mulusa described President Edgar Lungu’s leadership as disastrous, adding that it should never have occurred on Zambia’s political scene.

“Disastrous because Edgar Lungu’s leadership is that of demonstrating emptiness. So the outcome of leadership is a culmination of the collective of those that surround him. So when you are surrounded by good people, the outcome tends to be good but when you are surrounded by bad people, the outcome is different. Edgar Lungu’s leadership has been a disaster and it should never have occurred on Zambia’s political scene. He came out as a good leader and that’s why his Presidency from 2015 to 2016, you can hardly pick up a mistake,” said Mulusa.

“The moment we left, especially myself with some other colleagues, and then later you end up being surrounded by people like Freedom Sikazwe. This is when Edgar Lungu became something else and now his leadership has become a disaster because he was an empty vessel. An empty vessel and the outcome of which is a representation of those that surrounded him.”