PATRIOTIC FRONT Secretary General Davies Mwila says his party has written a letter of complaint to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) about the credibility of election results in North Western, Southern and Western Provinces.

And Mwila says the PF Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) shows that they will win Thursday’s general election.

Meanwhile, PF 2021 Deputy Election Campaign Manager Given Lubinda says the party does not understand why there has been a restriction of internet services in the country.

Addressing a media briefing, Friday, Mwila questioned the integrity of election results in three provinces.

“The public may wish to know that our election monitors were chased and brutality beat across North Western, Southern and Western Provinces. Further, our member of the Central Committee, Jackson Kungo was murdered in Solwezi by a mob led by identified UPND thugs. Our party members and party agents in Choma were brutally beaten and left for dead. They are admitted in Choma General Hospital. In a related development, our candidate in Mateo constituency Miles Sampa was stabbed and members of his entourage hacked with pangas. The victims are admitted to the University Teaching Hospital. For this reason we have written a letter of complaint to the Electoral Commission of Zambia about the lack of integrity and credibility of these results in North Western, Southern and Western Provinces. Once again, may I say that our members should be confident that our candidate President Edgar Lungu will carry the day. Further they must maintain peace and wait for official results from the Electoral Commission of Zambia. On the internet, there has been no efforts by the party to engage ZICTA because we are monitoring how the votes are being counted. So once they finish then that is when we can engage them. But as at now, there is no need.”

He also advised party members to only wait for official results from ECZ. 

“The Electoral Commission of Zambia is the only institution mandated by the constitution to report and announce official results. With that said, we wish to disclose that we have a very effective parallel voter tabulation implemented in this election. We have agents from almost all polling stations except those in North Western, Southern and Western Provinces. The results shows that there has been huge turnout in these elections especially our strongholds, that is Lusaka, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and Eastern Provinces. We have also done considerably well in Lusaka and Copperbelt though not to our satisfactory. Sum total of these results show clear lead in the Presidential vote in favor of our candidate, His Excellency, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We are extremely confident that we shall carry the day. We are very confident that we will carry the day,” said Mwila.

Meanwhile, Lubinda said the party did not understand why there had been a restriction of internet services.

“I was discussing this with the Secretary General when we were waiting for the statement that SG was reading. We looked at each other and asked ‘why is the internet off?’ And all of us are at a loss. We also do not understand why there is a disruption,” Lubinda said.

“And I think that ZICTA may be the best to explain why the internet is gone. For us we are not aware of the reasons why the internet is gone. And I am sure that ZICTA will be able to answer that.”

Lubinda also said the violence in North Western Province was premeditated and meant to create fear in voters and PF polling agents.

“The death of Jackson Kungo was predetermined. It was orchestrated deliberately to cause reason for attacking innocent members of the Patriotic Front. The violence that has been associated with these election Campaigns was purely to intimidate, create fear in the voting citizens. It was meant to create fear in the polling agents of the Patriotic Front. There was not a single ballot paper and we leave it to those who caused all this mayhem to adduce any evidence that they found any ballot paper. As far as we are concerned, the police vindicated all those people who were falsely accused,” Lubinda said.  

“Life was lost yesterday not because anyone did anyone wrong. The blood of Kungo is crying to the Lord. He was innocently murdered for exercising his right of association and to defend his political party. Kungo is no more and the accusers accused him of having ballot papers which ended up being false. So my dear country men and women, all those accusations were purely and squarely false and the people who were accusing also knew that they were false. So it is false, no one was found with pre-marked ballot papers. And I put it to the UPND they must produce those ballot papers to prove that they were justified to murder our people.”

Lubinda charged that UPND planned attacks at various polling stations to overwhelm the police response.

“We have a PVT system and we have indicated that the only places where we do not have sufficient information is Southern, Western and North Western because our polling agents were systematically removed from polling stations. And the information that is reaching the secretariat is that as the case was in Western Province these incidences happened between 10:00 hours and 12:00 hours. They happened in various polling stations at the same time to overwhelm the police and that is why the police did not take sufficient action to protect our people. One of our polling agents was tied against a tree and left there until the end of the counting of ballot papers. Did he have a ballot paper on him? Miles Sampa was hacked yesterday and yet he did not have any ballot papers on him. It was a hoax to justify murdering people,” said Lubinda.