KABUSHI re-elected member of parliament Bowman Lusambo says people should not declare themselves winners before the official results by the ECZ.

Lusambo said Zambia is not Southern Province alone, because the Electoral Commission of Zambia is still doing its job.

Lusambo said his victory was as a result of hard work.

He said this at his residence in Ndola with eight elected PF Councillors for Kabushi Constituency.

“We just wait for official results from ECZ. We have been working with the ECZ for some time. Don’t declare yourself as winners. They did the same in 2015 and 2016, for many years they declare themselves winners. Zambia is not Southern Province alone. I can assure our people that can you relax, ECZ is doing their job. Our job ended at the polling stations.The next job is for the ECZ who are mandated. There is no any other person to claim they have results apart from the ECZ,” Lusambo said.

“For us we are not panicking like rats, we want to give the ECZ time to do their job. I can assure you that as we form government next week, we shall not tolerate any lawlessness in the country.”

He said hard work had paid off.

Lusambo said winning in Kabushi is never an easy task.

“It is because of my hard work that we have achieved this victory. I have done a lot for Kabushi and the people of Kabushi have confidence in my leadership. So without hard work, it could not have been easy to win. The people still have confidence in my leadership.”

Lusambo said what he has done in Kabushi is huge and the people have appreciated him and the PF.