DRAMA rocked Mulugushi International Conference Centre on Sunday as the Military manhandled a seemingly drunk PF member of the central committee Paul Moonga after he disrupted proceedings.

Moonga, who was seen drinking earlier in the afternoon, had continued answering his phone and speaking loudly in the conference room while ECZ officials were giving the results of the election.

Moonga was earlier warned by the military to answer his phone from outside as he was too loud, but he ignored their directive.

This forced the military to manhandle him and lead him outside the conference room.

A number of stakeholders, including UPND chairperson for elections Gary Nkombo rushed to his aid and begged the army to let him go.

After a few minutes, Moonga, who was the highest ranking PF official in attendance stormed the conference room and tried to go to the high table where the ECZ officials sat but was stopped by police officers.

Moonga was later taken to a police post and then escorted to his vehicle.

“I received a phone call from my colleagues, surely only a phone call I am being attacked. Merely a phone call, I am being attacked. Unnecessary issues! There is no notice that phones should be off. ECZ are in charge not even the police. ECZ have never stopped me from talking on the phone,” said Moonga.

“We were told that two people per session from the party. That is my personal phone. The ECZ has said there should be two people representing a party. My colleague had gone outside.”