CIVIL rights activist Chama Fumba, alias Pilato, says Zambians still want answers regarding the crimes committed by the outgoing government.

In an interview, Fumba said once Parliament convened, he and other civil rights activists would demand the removal of President Edgar Lungu’s immunity.

“Peace should not come at the extent of justice. When the President spoke about peace, we don’t have a problem with that peace, we want peace, we want to be nice to them. But if you get injured in a fight, that injury will stay even when you have sobered up. So, the crimes that were committed against the people of this country will still need answers, I am sure that the President knows that. The people of Zambia still want to understand what happened; the people of Zambia still want to understand who gassed us? They still want to understand where the ambulances are, who bought the 42 trucks and at what cost,” Fumba said.

“So, the people of Zambia still want answers to critical things and questions that they raised. I am sure the President was clear in his address; he did say that we will let the law take its course. Once Parliament opens our first demand of our President and our first demand from Parliament is that the immunity is lifted from President Lungu.”

Fumba added that President Lungu presided over a government that had decentralised corruption.

“President Lungu was presiding over a government that had decentralised corruption. Everybody was stealing from all angles. We don’t want to create a precedence that we can steal and go scot-free after you have left power. We want every coin, every Kwacha that has been spent, that has been stolen to be accountable. That demand will go all the way, if it means people getting arrested, they will get arrested, so that we protect the dignity of public service,” Fumba said.

“All those that work in the public service must know that at some point they will be held accountable. So that is a process that we are ready to stick to and should Parliament open, we will demand that his immunity is lifted. We the people of Zambia are allowed to understand what really happened, how much money was stolen from us, and how much was given to who and where.”

Fumba said every former civil servant that participated in corrupt activities should be held accountable.

“Because the sitting President had neglected his responsibilities to protect the interests of our people, the President had neglected his responsibility to protect the resources of this country, he had presided over a corrupt government. So, what we are saying is that the President should be the starting point. How did he let the Minister of Health procure defective condoms and expired medicines? What was his position? Why did he [not] punish those that conducted that trade? So, we will start from the President going down to every Minister, to every councillor, to every Jim and Jack that participated in the looting of our resources. That is the process,” said Fumba.