FORMER president Edgar Lungu says he is tired and wants to rest, adding that he will hand over to the next PF president who is soon to be named.

Speaking after he attended a church Service at Chainda’s St Theresa Catholic Church, Lungu said he understood the law and those who were advising him to retire were wasting their time because he had already made it clear he was not available for 2026 elections.

“Just like I gave up the Presidency, I surrendered everything, I followed procedure. I have handed over to the President Mr Hakainde Hichilema, I will hand over to the next president of the PF. I am not available for 2026, PF should continue rebuilding itself, rebranding itself to come up with new vigour and to contest elections. If I am going to resign, it’s personal, it’s my employers, who are the government of the Republic of Zambia and who has asked them whether I have resigned or not but I can tell you, I am not available in 2026 and those who are advising me are wasting their time because I am very competent in understanding the law and following it through. When I make a decision or pronouncement, I want to follow it according to what is laid out,” Lungu said.

“I am available to cooperate, to the President in handing over power and at this point, I am still available to cooperate with the president of the PF soon to be named, so where is the fuss, baletina? Ninaka naine I want to rest (are they scared? I am also tired, I want to rest). I have done my part, I have run my race so don’t worry about that.”

When asked about life had been outside State House, Lungu said he was used to it.

“Life? Uleipusha ine, twalibelela ifwe (you are asking me? We are used to it),” said Lungu, who was accompanied by his wife Esther.