SOME unknown Patriotic Front members on Saturday night attempted to remove the Youth Empowerment-branded fuel tanker trucks which were parked at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

But the alert UPND Youths managed to apprehend the four trucks which they found refuelling in readiness for a journey to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, Youth Ministry permanent secretary John Phiri says he is unaware about this development.

Briefing journalists after gaining control of the trucks, UPND Twapia ward councillor Henry Kawewe said the youths got a tip off that four tankers had left the stadium.

“We got some information from well wishers, they called me that some people are getting the trucks from the stadium so that’s how I came, I found a police officer that side then he told me that they have the authority from the higher offices. So I had to rush to where the trucks were, because someone informed me, giving me there the trucks were parked, the four of them. I went to the filling station, near Rekays Mall where I found the four trucks re-fulling with diesel. So that’s how I went there, and through my ‘commander’, Mwila, the Copperbelt commander in charge of security Mr Mongenya, they came and we managed to get back the trucks,” he said.

When asked whether his team found the drivers, Kawewe said they were going to be taken to the police.

“Yes, we are with them here, we are taking them to the police, Ndola Central Police,” said Kawewe.

When asked to confirm the incident, however, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Elias Chushi said his office had not yet received any report.

“For that one, I don’t have a report yet of any tankers tempered with. Until I get a report, I will get back,” said Chushi.

Meanwhile, Phiri also said he was unaware about this development.

“I am not aware of that. Those are government property. I will have to find out what you are saying,” said Phiri.

After News Diggers published a story that some fuel tankers had been abandoned at Levy Stadium, Phiri had told journalists that they were merely parked there for security reasons.