VETERAN politician Sikota Wina says the introspection exercise being conducted by the Patriotic Front aimed at rebranding the party will not be of any significance because most of members will join UPND.

In an interview, Wina said there were a lot of ‘muselela kwakaba’ in Zambian politics.

“I think that is the route that the PF is going. Our people always love power. All the chiefs and all those who were supporting the ruling party, all of a sudden they just disappeared. Everybody now is for Hakainde Hichilema. Maybe that is how it should be. Change of regime really is significant. What the former ruling party should learn is that it is not everything that the people say which is actually correct. There were a lot of irregularities on the part of many observers. The cost of living was very high, the price of mealie meal and all of that. Lungu [Edgar Lungu] could have done something about that. Instead of the decision of giving money to the marketeers, medical supplies and so forth hoping that that would mobilize the votes but it did not. I do not think that introspection exercise will be correct. What is most likely to happen is that most of the party leaders from PF will be joining UPND. We have seen this before, it has always happened. What do Bembas say? Muselela kwakaba (those who shift sides for convenience), so we have seen that before,” Wina said.

Meanwhile, Wina said Zambia’s peaceful transition of leadership would go down in Africa’s history.

“I do not think what took place can be repeated at all. It was really significant. There was Edgar Lungu there handing over instruments of power to Hakainde Hichilema at a public place watched and cheered on by 60,000 people. It is a landmark for Africa. Africa is used to changes of power previously by the military taking over power from an elected party. This continent has gone through a lot of bitterness in the past. What happened at Hakainde Hichilema’s inauguration was really unique to some of us who have been following Africa’s tragic history. Some of us have followed this process over some time now to see the handing over of power at a public occasion with the outgoing giving documents to his successor is pan African and very rare. This is what should go down in history as being very significant,” said Wina.