PF secretary general Davies Mwila says the party has began a process of bringing in new leaders for positions of party president, national chairman and secretary general.

Speaking during a press briefing, Monday, Mwila said no one is in leadership forever and he intends to retreat to the farm after his replacement.

“I think the President has made it very clear that he is not standing in 2026, that is the position. What that means is that as a party, we have started a process of bringing in new leaders; a transition of handing over the office of president, the office of secretary general, the office of national chairman. For these three positions, we have made it clear that we are not going to continue. So, the party has to look for a president, they have to look for the secretary general, they have to look for the national chairman,” Mwila said.

“Article 52 of our constitution is very clear on the position of the president. It is only one line, it states that ‘the party president shall be elected by the party general conference’. After the president has left of course we have to organize ourselves and go and elect a new president of the party who will take us to 2026. So, that is where we are, unless you are not clear.

Mwila further said he would be an ordinary member of the central committee once he vacates his position.

“I have said, I have told you that whatever goes up, must come down. No one is there forever, even HH will not be there forever. We are not the first ones; we are not the last ones. That is why we have to prepare ourselves when we are in leadership. If you want to be a farmer you go to the farm, so I am going to farm. So the members have to be assured that we are leaving. The president is leaving, I am leaving and the national chairman is leaving. So, the new people are coming in, that is the position. As we leave these offices the three of us, the president will not be there, myself and honourable [Samuel] Mukupa, we will remain ordinary members of the central committee. So, the struggle continues,” said Mwila.