NEWLY appointed Water Development and Sanitation Minister Mike Mposha says there is need to be transparent and efficient in the utilisation of government resources.

And Mposha says workers must not sit in corners to discuss issues which almost divided the country.

Speaking during an orientation meeting, Wednesday, Mposha advised workers to double their efforts and work tirelessly to ensure that water and sanitation was provided to the people.

“I also want us to be very vigilant in terms of the pronouncements that are being set out to us particularly from the President. I think he has set out a trend that we must try to be very transparent, and be accountable. We just also embrace the aspect of efficient utilization of government resources and that includes time. I know sometimes being in government, there is always this issue of saying we have been here, politicians will find us and they will leave us. I think what is important is that during this time we have been given to work together, let us try to utilize government resources in particular, time effectively so that the tasks ahead of us are achieved. If we work together, we support each other, we will be able to achieve the goals that are set before us,” he said.

And Mposha said workers must not sit in corners and discuss issues which almost divided the country.

“So I prefer to run an open door policy so feel free. Obviously you have channels of reporting so I am not asking that people should be jumping the PS and coming to me. But I am saying that let us work together. We are all here as a team. The President is also emphasizing on building a one Zambia where we do not begin to sit in corners based on where we are coming from, the issues that almost divided this country,” he said.

“As a Ministry we are not here because this one comes from Chisamba or Kafue but we are here because we are a team of professionals who have been assigned to work in this Ministry and I think let us work together. If someone has to be promoted they have to be promoted on merit. If someone has to be employed, they have to be employed on merit without really looking at their face whether they are light or come from the corner of Lusaka or Zambia. So we need to work together as Zambians and civil servants.”

Meanwhile, Mposha said there was need to operate within the available limited resources.

“I know the issue of resources is always a problem but particularly the past few years and the current situation. But let us do our best and let us see what we can do to operate within what we have been provided with. I think once we all settle, this is a new government, we hope that we can improve the issues of financing. However, the issue of providing water to rural areas as well as the urban areas is very critical and my constituency is one such area which has water problems because we have not finished the Millennium Challenge project. Yesterday when they heard that I am Minister, they were already crucifying me that now the solution has been provided. It was as though I am coming to resolve the issues of Munali but obviously our mandate is to look at the problems throughout the country. With resources allowed, let us see how we can double our efforts and make sure that we work tirelessly to ensure that water and sanitation is provided to our people,” said Mposha.