PF Member of the Central Committee Antonio Mwanza says his decision to step down as National Youth Chairperson and Media Director is nothing dramatic.

In an interview, Mwanza said he had done a lot of consultations and reflection before arriving at his decision, adding that he was confident that whoever would take over from him would do great things.

“It is just a personal decision and I have decided to resign on personal reasons. It is nothing dramatic. I have done a lot of consultation and reflection and I think it is the best decision and I am very confident that whoever will take over from me will do a lot of great things. I can only wish them well either as National Youth Chairman or Media Director. I am very sure that they will be capable enough and do great things. I believe that the PF as a party is a very democratic party and every member of the Patriotic Front has a legitimate and democratic right to decide whether to hold on to a position or to leave the position,” Mwanza said.

“I think it should not have any problems because I am not the first person to step down. You are aware that even the Secretary General of the party will be stepping down, the National chairman will be stepping down and the president will eventually be stepping down. So I think it is important that we [give] way for other people to do the work as we continue to build the party. And as we continue to rebrand, we need a lot of fresh ideas, fresh people and fresh minds. So it is extremely important that some of us should give way.”

Asked if he would leave the PF, Mwanza said, “No I will not leave the party because I am still a very dedicated member of the party.”