ARCHBISHOP Telesphore Mpundu says PF should prove that there is unprofessionalism in the police service because they did not cry foul when they were in power.

And Archbishop Mpundu says it is not shocking to find colossal sums of money in people’s homes given the manner in which public resources were abused in the previous regime.

In an interview, Tuesday, Archbishop Mpundu said it was strange that PF was crying foul about police conduct.

“If they are talking about unprofessional conduct and violence, it has to be proved. You just can’t start making allegations, you need to have proof for that. Secondly, what happened within the PF government not so long ago, I’m not saying two wrongs make one right, if it is a wrong that is being done right now it has to be condemned, but we have to remember that this was a game started by the PF and which has been used by the PF. They are crying foul? Why didn’t they cry foul when they were looting, when all kinds of money were disappearing,” he asked.

“Now that it is on them, they are crying foul that there is unprofessionalism there, let them prove this unprofessionalism and the officers that are found guilty can be disciplined accordingly. So crying about professionalism is a waste of time. What has been taken away from the people must go back to the people and the people have suffered because of that. So no crying of other professional conduct. If they want to run away by stating that they are being targeted, everyone is under suspicion in the previous administration, under suspicion because the looting was massive. In this case, it has been said time and again, the professional job by investigative officers must be done so that the whole truth comes out. When that truth comes out, there has got to be some punishment. Either money is taken away or [they are] given a jail sentence.”

And Archbishop Mpundu said it was possible for colossal sums of money to be found in homes given the manner in which public resources were abused in the previous regime.

“The way to go about it is professionally, if there are suspects who worked in certain departments and could easily access that amount of money, they must be investigated. And if evidence is found then they can be prosecuted. It is possible given the amount of impunity with which public financial resources were being taken away and being used by individuals and groups. It is quite possible. So investigative organs must go flat out to make sure that those who are guilty are brought to justice. It is quite possible because of the impunity that we experienced to such an extent that even money was being thrown at people to jump at. This must be done and it will give the general public confidence in the new administration that they are not going to tolerate impunity, corruption and theft of public financial resources,” he said.

Archbishop Mpundu further said there was no need for PF officials to be jittery if they did not commit any offences while in government.

“Why are they afraid? If they are being targeted and they are innocent, it will be proved [that they are] innocent. Anyone is targeted and I do not think there is a particular person. If you suspect, you do not arrest someone because of suspicion. There is got to be an investigation and enough evidence. So I think that kind of excuse carries no water at all. Who is being targeted? Everybody who worked in the previous administration is under suspicion but it is only suspicion and they must be substantiated and that is that. People that are innocent need not to fear anything. Why are they jittery? Do they have something to hide?” asked Archbishop Mpundu.

“This new administration has been told on a number of occasions by individuals and institutions that it has to be professional. In the previous administration, only certain people out there, [those who were] not in government were being investigated. The investigative organs were not given full responsibility to do a professional job. So now that we have been given that assurance that the investigative organs are going to be given the freedom to investigate, they have to do a professional job. So those that are jittery have something to hide. If I have nothing to hide, I [would] want as soon as possible to be cleared. And I am willing to get that opportunity to get investigated so that I can be proved innocent. Now if I am not innocent in one way or another, I start accusing the government and the investigative organs that they are targeting. You are not being targeted and no one is left out of this.”