PF deputy national chairperson Davies Chama says it’s unfortunate that President Hakainde Hichilema is trying to incite and scare people by painting the PF administration as evil.

Commenting on President Hichilema’s remarks that Zambians should be careful when electing Presidents in future because the illegal activities he had discovered under the Edgar Lungu administration were disgusting, Chama challenged the Head of State to bring any irregularities to the fore, stating that it was dangerous to dent people’s character in that manner.

Chama, who is former defence minister, further said he would not know whether the Presidential Jet was bought at an exorbitant price because ministers were not involved in the procurement process.

“First and foremost, it is very unfortunate that President Hakainde Hichilema wants to go to the gallery, scaring people and wants to paint the former administration to be evil. I think he should be man enough, if he has got any irregularities, he should bring them to the fore. He should not just be inciting and insinuating things that are not there. Of course in terms of procurement of the plane, I can’t say much on the procurement. Being a former minister of defence, that is an asset of the Zambia Airforce and of course for the government of the Republic of Zambia. If he wants to use it, [it] is up to him,” he said.

“Of course, when he was campaigning, he promised that he is going to sell it, so let him just sell it rather than insinuating things which are not there. I was not part of the procurement process as you are aware Ministers are not near any procurement of any asset. If he wants to be exciting people, it is very unfortunate for the Head of State to be speculating. So, for him to be saying things in riddles, it is not right. If he has discovered any irregularities, let him bring it to the fore. It is dangerous to dent people’s character just like that. It is not right for the President to be doing what he is doing. He must be man enough, if he has any irregularities let him bring it to the fore.”

He said Zambians should also be careful and not elect a President who does not deliver on his campaign promises.

“If he is saying that people should be very careful in electing the President, yes indeed people must be very careful. People should not be voting for people who cannot keep their promises. When he was campaigning, he promised a lot of things to the Zambian people, he is now backsliding on what he promised. So, I agree with him that the Zambian people must be very careful when electing someone to be Head of State of Zambia. He even promised the civil servants that immediately he forms government, I hope the budget that they are preparing for 2022, they will include the K1,500 for civil servants,” Chama said.

“He must also make sure that the free education that he promised to the youths and the students, I hope he is going to honour that promise. He promised that the price of mealie meal will start dropping and it will become affordable to the Zambia people. We also want to agree with him that the Zambian people must be very careful when electing any person to be President of Zambia, because those people who don’t keep their promises, they are liars and cannot be trusted and they cannot be elected into government. We know what he promised, we know what he said, it is in black and white.”

Meanwhile, Chama said President Hichilema’s warning to UPND members who were harassing citizens at bus stops and markets was not genuine.

“You have heard what the Minister of Home Affairs stated in Parliament. You also heard what the Local Government Minister honourable Gary Nkombo has said, we also heard what the provincial chairman for Lusaka said. So, what type of government is this? It is very disappointing; it is like they have no direction whatsoever. They are behaving like headless chickens,” said Chama.

“So even his pronouncement is not sincere, because what is happening on the ground cannot correlate with what he is saying because his cadres are already in the markets, they are already in bus stops. His cadres are brutalizing the Zambian people. Zambian people are regretting, is this what we voted for, to be brutalised like this in our own country? Just less than 60 days in office, they are already committing crimes, serious crimes for that matter and we are keeping a record on what crimes they are committing.”