PF secretary general Davies Mwila says the party did not collect any money from markets and bus stations.

And Mwila says UPND painted the PF black but it is now failing to prove that they are thieves.

Meanwhile, Mwila says he is disappointed that President Hakainde Hichilema chose to go to Luapula Province instead of physically attending the main National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation commemoration service at Show grounds.

Speaking during ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme recently, Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo said his Ministry would ensure that the money which was collected from markets and bus stations under the Edgar Lungu-led government and did not go to local authorities, was recovered.

But commenting on Nkombo’s remarks in an interview, Mwila said PF did not collect any money and that government was free to audit the secretariat.

“This issue that Gary is saying that they will recover the money which was taken to the secretariat from markets and bus stations, why is he saying it in the media? There is no such a thing, they are just politicking. If there was such a thing, why can’t they come and look at the books? No one collected money from bus stations. It is the kaponyas (call boys), the ones who have taken over, it is not the UPND which are collecting, it is the cadres. So, as far as I am concerned, no one collected money from the bus stations or the markets, no one!” Mwila said.

“He can come, if they want, they can bring the auditors, they can bring the evidence, no one collected the money from the bus stations and markets, no one. There is no such a thing. That is why we have taken Simon Mwelwa to court because he had mentioned myself and Matafwali. He (Nkombo) is trying to be clever by saying the party. No one got the money; I challenge him, let him bring the auditors and let him bring the evidence. “

And Mwila said UPND had failed to prove claims that PF was a corrupt party.

“If they have failed to recover the money, they should keep quiet. If they recover the money, let them tell the people, but not us, we have never collected money from those stations. There is this perception of trying to paint the PF black because they promised the people of Zambia that we are black, we are thieves and whatever. But they are failing to prove. It is now two months and they are running to three months. They have to be action oriented, not just talking. Us as PF we shall not allow corruption or people that are stealing, no one will be supported but let them bring the evidence, let them not just be talking,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mwila said he was disappointed that President Hichilema chose to go to Luapula Province instead of being at Show grounds on national prayer day.

“We cannot fail to attend the days of prayer and reconciliation, that is a baby of PF. But I am disappointed that the President was going to Luapula, because this was going to be the first function for him to attend. It was going to be better for him to be there, it was going to carry weight, now he delegated. I think let him attend, he is President of the country. That is a very important function. After elections, people expected reconciliation and all this healing process and he was supposed to be there. I am disappointed he went to Mansa, he chose politics, but we will be attending. Them they were not attending, we will not follow them because it is prayers and it is not a political rally,” said Mwila.