POLICE yesterday summoned and questioned PF secretary general Davies Mwila over some vehicles which were used to campaign during the 2021 general elections.

Mwila, who arrived at Chelstone Police Station around 08:40 hours, proceeded for questioning at 09:00 hours.

The interrogation lasted only an hour and a half.

After the interrogation, Mwila shouted “Nimba acquitted pa police wooo! ( I have been acquitted at the police station)”.

And he told some PF officials who went to offer him solidarity that “twalibelela (we are used to these interrogations).”

Speaking to journalist Mwila’s lawyer, Kambwa Aongola, said the interrogation was in connection with an investigation pertaining to some campaign vehicles.

“Basically, they summoned honourable Davies Mwila apparently in connection with an investigation pertaining to some campaign vehicles. So they have not given us the benefit of appreciating the essential object of the investigation that is in terms of the complainant and most importantly what offense might have been committed. So we have ended at giving his side of the story regarding what he knows about the party’s campaign vehicles. So for the rest, I think we will leave it to them to be able to accord the media the benefit of the statement that is talking in terms of what they really want to get at and how far they want this process to go,” said Aongola.

“They talked in terms of three vehicles that were somewhere in the Northern Province. In the interim, their intimation is that they are likely to get back to us because they turn this into an ongoing investigation that is why it could be indefinite, we don’t know how far they want to go but basically they are talking about vehicles and nothing spectacular. They talked about Northern Province, it could be beyond that, we cannot speak in terms of what the scope of the investigation but talking in terms of campaign vehicles.”

Meanwhile, PF member of the central committee Raphael Nakacinda said there was no provision of the law which required the party to reveal their sources of funding with regards to transport and logistics.

“I think like it has been said, basically this is a scheme of the UPND led by Mr Hakainde Hichilema to try and cripple the Patriotic Front. Now it is in public domain that what has preoccupied Mr Hakainde Hichilema in State House to a point of giving instructions to his Vice President, political advisor and using another political cadre in the name of Akafumba at Home Affairs is basically to find a way of destabilising political parties. So the issue of wanting to investigate the source of funding for the Patriotic Front, to investigate the source of all logistics including transport in this case vehicles by intimidating and harass our former secretary general, I think is very unfortunate. It is undemocratic!” said Nakacinda.

“We don’t have a law in this country that compels political parties to declare their source of funding or indeed to declare where they got their properties. So it is unfortunate and Mr Hakainde please can you chill, maybe I say in English, ‘sit down’, think, then possibly you can be able to act properly adhering to the rule of law.”