INFRASTRUCTURE, Housing, and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi says government will do an assessment of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Ana once the storm is over.

The country has seen an increase in rainfall in the past week due to Tropical Storm Ana.

On Saturday evening, heavy rains had caused flooding and damage to property in some parts of the country.

In an interview, Sunday, Milupi said a proper assessment of damage would be done once the storm passed.

“You see, all those things need assessment, we are in the midst of the storm. We are right in the midst of the storm, it hasn’t finished yet. You can’t repair roads in the midst of the storm. You have to wait and make an assessment. Obviously where communities are cut off, our job is to ensure that they are reconnected. Right now places are flooded and I think you know by history that you do not do road rehabilitation and construction in the midst of the worst rainy season. We have to wait for the dry spell for some assessment to be made. But we are aware where the flooding is taking place,” said Milupi.