PF member Yamfwa Mukanga says rebranding the party will be difficult if those seeking positions are also “referees” in the process.

And Mukanga, who is also a former minister of transport, says ERB’s decision to review fuel prices monthly is a good move.

In an interview, Mukanga said rebranding PF was necessary but that a systematic procedure should be followed.

He urged party members to be united and not wash dirty linen in public.

“My word is that rebranding is necessary, it is a necessary evil which you have to go through. I think there should be a systematic procedure of doing it. We do not want a situation where the people who are interested [in party positions] are the referees. We need to do a proper rebranding to an extent where the people who are interested to take up those positions do not become referees when they are players, it will be very difficult to rebrand in that manner. What we are trying to say is that the party should be united, people should not be washing dirty linen in public. People should be able to come together and ensure that we come up with what is formidable,” he said.

And Mukanga said government’s decision to review fuel prices monthly was a good move.

“I think when it comes to fluctuation in prices, it is okay because I think what is supposed to happen is that when there is a fluctuation in pricing on the world market, people should feel the effect as end users. So if there is a reduction on the world market, there should also be a reduction on the consumption part. The only challenge that will be there is that you know because we are not at the port, so when there is fluctuation in the world market especially on the port, what would happen is that by the time you reduce, the people who actually engage in this fuel business of procuring and selling will have a big challenge. As for the reductions, it is welcome. That is what we want, we want reductions, if there can be reductions that is good, but we shouldn’t do it at the expense of the people who are engaging in this trade,” Mukanga said.

Mukanga said there’d only be a challenge with this new system whenever prices were adjusted upwards.

“I think every time, reviews have always been there, even this time let them continue so that if there is a reduction, let the reduction come. But there will be a challenge when there is an increase. If the decision was made and they found that the 60 days was not good enough, why should we go back? Are we doing experiments? There should be no experiments, let the government continue with what they are doing and see what happens. We should be changing progressively and ensure that we achieve what we want. I think government should have a vision of what they want to do. I can tell you the challenge would be when there is an increase,” said Mukanga.