TWO juveniles in Petauke District have drowned after they were swept off by raging floods at Kang’ombe stream of Khola village.

In a statement, Sunday, police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the incident happened when Esnart Banda, mother to the deceased, decided to take the children with her to her parents house following a marital dispute with her husband Daniel Mwanza, 30.

He said the deceased met their fate after they fell in a stream which they failed to cross and as a result, were swept off by floods.

“Police on 5th February,2022 received a report of drowning which occurred at around 17:00 hours in Khola village of Chief Kalindawalo in Petauke District in which Daniel Mwanza aged 30 of Chivunga Village Chief Kalindawalo in Petauke reported that his two children namely: Cecilia Mwanza aged 9 and Alex Mwanza aged Six month old died after they were swept off by ragging floods at Kang’ombe stream of Khola village,” stated Hamoonga.

“Brief facts of the matter are that after a marital dispute with his wife Esnart Banda got their four Children and decided to go back to her parent’s home but unfortunately on the way they failed to cross the stream and in the process fell in the stream and that is where the two deceased met their fate leaving the other two children hospitalized together with the mother.”

He said bodies of the deceased had been deposited in Petauke mortuary awaiting postmortem.