MINISTER of Technology and Science Felix Mutati has urged Zambians to fully utilise their talents in order to help President Hakainde Hichilema fix the nation.

And Mutati has appealed to the Catholic Church to help in harnessing people’s talents in order for the nation to overcome some challenges which it is currently facing.

Speaking during mass at Chaisa Catholic Parish, Sunday, Mutati said people should use their talents to help President Hichilema fix the nation.

“Father also told us that it is not the absence of talent that is lacking in us, it is the combination of that talent, the implementation of the talent into practical output. So bonse twalipelwa amatalanta nomba limoline ichilenga chakutila ati ubuna’gani bwaisa. Lilya italanta tukwete tatulelibomfwa ukulingana nefyo tufwile twalibomfwa, lilya twafilwa twatampa ukusonta iminwe at uulengele nyuyu ichi chichitike pantu Bally hasn’t fixed it nomba tulabati pakutampa chilingele chatampa naifwe fwebakwete italanta twalibomfwa pakuti lulya Bally aleisa mukuchita fix ichinto yakwe yayanguka (Each one of us is gifted with a talent but the problem is that we are not using those talents according to the way we are supposed to use them. And when we fail to use our talents accordingly, we begin to finger point that it is because Bally has not fixed it. One thing we forget is that it begins with us; we have to use our talents so that when the president comes in to fix, his work is made easier),” Mutati said.

“So ndefwaya ukumilomba bonse mwebali muno twati Lesa natupela italanta. Ifwe ngobutekeo bwaka Bally natwishiba ukutila ati mulepita mufintu ifyashupa, mulepita mumachushi ayapusana pusana lelo Bally aletila ukutila ati takwaba answer kumachushi yonse apart from hard work, perseverance and determination (Therefore, I want to remind each one of us gathered here that God has given us talents and us as government we understand the many challenges that you are facing but the President is saying that the only answer to your challenges is hard work, perseverance and determination).”

And Mutati appealed to the Catholic Church to help unite the nation and help harness people’s talents.

“Ifingi palapita akashita pakuti fyololoke teifyofine? Palapitako akashita (it takes a bit of time for certain things to be achieved) but ultimately, the answer to the challenges that we face is for us to be united as one, as one body. And the church, particularly the Catholic Church, you have a tremendous responsibility to help unify this country, to help harness the talent for us to be able to overcome all the challenges that we face,” said Mutati.

“Ba Father in James 1 Vs 12 he says blessed is the man who withstands trials, he stands steadfast during trial for when he has gone through that test, he shall receive the crown of life. So naifwe bene ngabatubika muchitofu lilya tukafuma ninshi natupya we are fully baked as a nation teifyo fine? Lilyatuli muchitofu tukalaumfwa umulilo uletocha (even us as a people whenever we undergo challenges we feel pain but the pain is necessary because the moment we come out, then we are really strong as a nation) but that is necessary for us as a country to overcome. So mwisakamana Bally will fix it, HH will fix it ala mwaume uwakosa, mwaume uwakwata italanta elyakutungulula abantu. Lesa alepala (do not worry ball will fix it, HH will fix it he is a strong man with a great talent of leading people. May God bless) Lelo twapepa bonse (today we have worshiped together) and in the Bible the Gospel Father told us that we need to cast the net deeper. When you cast the net deeper you go to the bottom of the sea and at the bottom of the sea that is where the current is actually residing and I can see in this Church that you are at the bottom of the sea because you have got the talent.”