FORMER PF member of the Central Committee Charles Kakoma says he will continue being in active politics, adding that he will also consider rejoining UPND if the majority accept him.

In an interview, Kakoma said he would not force himself on UPND if the majority didn’t want him.

“Membership of a political party is like a club. It has its own rules, membership acceptability and regulations. So if the majority of the people in a club or a political party like the UPND think I am acceptable to go back, yes I will consider it. If the majority says we do not want him, can I force myself? You cannot impose yourself. So we will see how it goes,” Kakoma said.

And responding to PF’s assertions that they had not yet seen his resignation letter, Kakoma said he had also forwarded it to acting PF secretary general Nickson Chilangwa’s WhatsApp.

“I sent my resignation letter to the acting secretary general honourable Chilangwa. If he has not seen it, he should check his WhatsApp because I forwarded it there. I think the major reason is that they are personal. I did not want to start blaming anyone. I want to play a different role as a citizen. I think that I will be more free and effective as a citizen enjoying my duties and rights and responsibilities as enshrined in the Constitution,” he said.

“I do not necessarily need to belong to a political party in order to contribute to the development of the motherland. Living as an ordinary citizen, you can still do that. If for example my personal feeling is that I support free education and that statement may not go well with my party, what do I do? So I thought that I needed to give myself free space to do what I want in life.”

Kakoma said he could not continue being in PF when his conscience told him otherwise.

He added that he cannot rule out the possibility of joining another political party because he had not retired from politics.

“It happens in life, sometimes you join an organisation and stay for a long time, sometimes a short time depending on whether you think you can manage to stay in that organisation or not. In my opinion, I have run my race in the PF, a short race though and I think I must move on. I cannot continue to be in the PF when my conscience tells me otherwise. I am not sure but society is not static. Politics is not static, everything is dynamic. I may not see the need today but I may see the need tomorrow,” said Kakoma.

“So I cannot rule out the possibility of me joining another political party. I have not retired from politics and I will still play a role in politics. Some people are saying I am old and I must retire but I am getting inspiration from other world leaders who are older than me. For example, the American President. Joe Biden is older than me but he is still in active politics. So for me God willing if he gives me a few more years to live on earth, I will continue to be active and participate in the development of my country.”