MINISTER of Technology and Science Felix Mutati says government is working on establishing a cyber force which will be following up on issues of fraud.

In an interview, Thursday, Mutati said government was doing all it could to bring fraud under control.

“Our basic approach is one; ZICTA continues to carry out awareness campaigns on radio, on TV and various places regarding fraud, particularly mobile money and banking fraud. So that is one strategy that has been implored. Number two at the systems level, we are working with mobile operators, the banking community to see how they can address issues around the fraud. So they are actively working on that. Number three is that we are also working to create a cyber force that will be following up on the issues. And fourth is also to look at the review of the cyber security law. So those are the four things that we are also doing in parallel just to bring the whole thing under control,” Mutati said.

And commenting on the recently developed application by the Information and Communication University aimed at protecting mobile money systems against theft and scams, Mutati said government would support innovation aimed at curbing fraud.

“We have got our experts from ZICTA who have engaged the innovator. It is still work in progress so they are collaborating. It is not yet at what you call utility level, so basically we are encouraging them to continue with the innovation to product level. We have to fight fraud from all angles. So we welcome innovations such as the one and that is the reason we have put it on the job to make sure that we move from development to product level. So it will help and give confidence to our people,” said Mutati.