HOME Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu says the procurement of police vehicles is being treated as an emergency.

Speaking in Parliament, Thursday, Mwiimbu said police stations countrywide lacked vehicles and this was affecting operations of the men and women in uniform.

“My Ministry and other security agencies in this country have a particular interest in the Chiengi area of Zambia. Madam Speaker, we are making arrangements through the Ministry of Finance to ensure that we procure motor vehicles and boats for other areas that require boats in order for the police to continue policing. Currently, Madam Speaker, I would like to state that we have very serious challenges. I state without fear of contradiction, there is no police station in this country that has adequate transport. Nearly all police stations do not have motor transport to enable the police in the areas of jurisdiction,” he said.

“It has become an emergency for us to look for money and buy motor vehicles for the police. I have no doubt in mind that all members of parliament here can attest that in their jurisdictions there are no motor vehicles for the police. We are looking at this issue as an emergency, we have to provide security to the people of Zambia hence our discussions of finding money so that the police are provided vehicles.”

He said the government was also lobbying cooperating partners to assist them in procuring the vehicles.

“We are lobbying cooperating partners to assist us to acquire motor vehicles. Without disclosing, I’m aware that there is already an offer of a certain number of motor vehicles that will be made available for the police in the course of next week. They are not enough, they are a drop in the ocean but it’s a start. We hope that as we progress, a number of cooperating partners will come on board to ensure that motor vehicles are provided,” said Mwiimbu.