PF DEPUTY national chairperson Davies Chama says UPND should stop the tendency of praising themselves because they are annoying Zambians.

Commenting on chief government spokesperson Chushi Kasanda’s remarks that UPND had done much more in seven months than PF did in 10 years, Chama said that statement showed UPND was not serious with what they were doing.

“I think they are not serious. That statement in itself shows that you have people in leadership who are not serious with what they are doing. Can you really make such a statement to an extent that in seven months they have done more than what the PF did in 10 years? That is a joke and it is like you are teasing people. They are blinded by what they have achieved in terms of being in government because they never expected it. That is an insult to the Zambian people and that is the joke of the year. Leadership is not about joking and they should take the position they have acquired very seriously. It is good they have realised that the Zambian people are not happy with their leadership and what they have done,” Chama said.

“This is an acknowledgement that people are not happy. You should let people judge you. But for you, you have not even built a pit latrine. Of course, they have told so many lies and maybe that is what she is referring to. They have done so well in terms of deception than the PF did in 10 years. They should show us the indicators and parameters. They have increased the CDF but they have not even released it, then they want to say they have done well? You can come up with a very nice budget but you fail to implement it. It is like they are talking to kids. It is better to work quietly rather than poking and annoying Zambians.”

Chama said he had not seen any meaningful development, stating that it was too early for the UPND government to start praising themselves.

“However, these are characters you cannot even advise. What have they built in terms of infrastructure? Maybe I do not move around because I am not aware. What assets have they recovered? In terms of persecution of people, they have done well. They have not even done any convictions in the courts of law. So how do you start applauding yourself? Is that going to reduce the poverty levels in the country? The answer is no. So I do not know where they have done well. Chushi can do much better. I know she is young. They are excited in these offices. Personally, they may be doing well but in terms of deliverables, we cannot say they have done anything yet,” said Chama.

“They should stop praising themselves. They have this tendency of wanting to praise themselves. Even their President suffers from the same syndrome. I cannot find any sector where they have done well. Even in terms of legislation in Parliament and passing of laws, what have they done? They have not passed any laws. They have not delivered on anything whether in Parliament or anywhere. It is too early for them to start praising themselves. Let them take it easy. But they are annoying Zambians with such statements because they are childish. They can do better.”