SOME mobile money agents yesterday conducted a protest, demanding justice for mobile money agent, Pamela Chisumpa, who was reported missing a few days ago.

The protesting operators, who carried placards written ‘JusticeForPamela’, gathered in Lusaka’s Cairo Road but were dispersed by police before they could reach Lusaka Central Police Station.

Those talked to lamented that the alleged abduction of Pamela forced them to close their booths at 15:00 hours for fear of being attacked by suspected criminals.

“We are now scared for our lives because we don’t know what can happen next. I am forced to close my shop at 15:00 hours because I am a lady and anything can happen to me. We want our friend back, we want Pamela back. The police should do something,” one of the Airtel Mobile money agents said.

Others questioned the delay by relevant authorities to find the missing woman.

“This protest is about peace and justice. A lady who is our workmate has gone missing for eight days and the police are not doing anything about it. We are now questioning ourselves, are we safe in this country? Is peace no longer part of us? I do not think so. Eight days is just too much. Somebody shouldn’t die because of a K15,000 because it is not worth it and it will never be. They need to find her,” a male mobile money agent said.

“Right now, we want her back. Eight days is enough for authorities to do what they need to do. We have waited long enough and we want justice for our friend. I still believe in the authorities and the police because I know they are doing their best to find our friend. We are voicing out because we want her back. We are not saying the police are not doing anything but we are concerned about what is going in,” another mobile money agent added.

Another agent said: “These guys that are doing this, God is watching them. As of now, we need the government to intervene so that we the youths know that we are safe. As of now, we are living in fear because we are failing to conduct our business in peace. Please let them find Pamela and protect us.”

On Tuesday, Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba indicated that the type of crime was alien to Zambia, but that the Zambia Police Service would use all its resources to secure a possible safe release of Pamela from her alleged abductors.

“The Zambia Police Service wishes to inform the general public that we are actively investigating the matter involving a mobile money agent Pamela Chisumpa aged 22 which was initially reported to the police on April 16, 2022 as a missing person by her sister. She stated that on the material date April 13, 2022 at about 14:00 hours at Shoprite trading area along Cairo road, the victim was at her Airtel booth when two male persons went to her booth and pretended to be customers wanting to transact money. Later on the duo was seen moving with her across Cairo road and that was the last time she was seen. Investigations instituted so far are indicating that on April 15, 2022 the boyfriend received a call from the victim’s phone demanding for a ransom of K15,000=00 for her release,” said Kajoba.

“We would like to inform the public that this type of crime is alien to our country. The Zambia Police takes the protection of women against any form of crime very seriously and we have put in all our resources and are working with other collaborating partners to secure a possible safe release from the alleged abductors. We are calling on the general citizenry to fully cooperate with us as we work round the clock to have her released from the alleged abductors.”