ANTI-CORRUPTION Commission spokesperson Queen Chibwe says the Commission had on Wednesday called former gender minister Elizabeth Phiri to provide information in an ongoing investigation.

On Wednesday, Phiri was spotted at the Commission in the company of several people who looked like her lawyers.

Phiri had arrived at the Commission around 09:30 hours in the morning.

When she was asked why she was at the Commission in an interview, Phiri said “I had come to see (Ronald) Chitotela”.

But in an interview, Chibwe said Phiri had been called for an interview.

“She just came to provide information on a matter that is under investigation. She came for an interview. So the interview, someone can either be a suspect, can be a witness, so that interview, not until maybe investigations reach an advanced stage, we will be able to tell whether it is her under investigation or not, but all she came to provide is information on a matter that is being investigated by the Commission. So she just came for an interview, not for questioning but an interview. To provide information that is what is important, we wouldn’t want to jeopardize a person that may be a witness later. So she was just providing information on a matter that was being investigated by the Commission,” Chibwe said.

When asked why Chitotela also appeared before the Commission, Chibwe said she had not yet received information on the matter.

“So far, no information [on that],” said Chibwe.