PROFESSOR Nkandu Luo says PF’s legacy will never be forgotten because the party transformed Zambia.

And Prof Luo has urged the UPND government to simply do their best while they still have an opportunity, insisting that PF is history and should not be blamed for everything.

In an interview, Prof Luo said people who come from abroad now get lost in Lusaka because of the infrastructure development by PF.

“We lost the elections, we are now in opposition, our role is to regroup, rebrand and come back a better group. But our legacy will never be forgotten, the people of Zambia know what we did, they know how we brought Zambia into another transformed Zambia. The infrastructure that was never done before, the over bridges here in Lusaka. Lusaka is no longer the same, people who come from abroad, they tell us ‘we got lost, this is not the Lusaka [we know]’. Nobody will take that away from us and unfortunately, that is why there is a subject in school called history. History will always be there, just like we knew the first ever person to bring flyover bridges was president (Michael) Sata. As you went into town, Independence Avenue, you went into an over bridge, Lusaka is no longer the same. But as human beings in the course of any duty, you make mistakes. The important thing is to realise your mistake and say sorry and move on. So that is what PF is doing,” she said.

And Prof Luo said blaming PF for the current state of the economy should come to an end.

“For us, we did our part. We are standing and watching from the terraces how our colleagues are going to govern and how they will make the Zambians better. In fact, my honest advice is that maybe this whole statement of everybody who opens their mouths has to blame PF has to come to an end. PF lost, PF is not in government, so those of us who have been given the mantle to govern must govern. I don’t know any PF member who is interfering with the governance of the country or the implementations of programmes, so to stand and say ‘no because of PF’, no! It is nine months since PF left, for us our only mandate is only checks and balances. PF’s mandate is not to implement any single programme. I have never left my house to implement a single programme, I sit in my house and I wait for that day when things will get better. So I think blaming PF is neither here nor there,” she said.

Prof Luo urged the UPND to simply do their best while they still had an opportunity, insisting that PF was history and should not be blamed for everything.

“So I would like to appeal to my colleagues to just do their bit. Political positions come and go, there will be another [party] that will come after them to govern. So the best is to do your best while we have that opportunity. We were given that opportunity by Zambians, we did what we did. So we have all been branded names and so on but we were part of that arrangement. So let them learn from us and say if one person continues blaming PF instead of working, every day PF, every opportunity on PF, people are watching, ‘why does this person always, what is the bitterness against PF that every time he opens his mouth he talks about PF’? Zambians never wanted PF, Zambians want to eat Nshima. For our part as PF we said collectively or individually, whatever mistakes that were made we are going to the people to say we are sorry, we make sure that this does not repeat. We don’t want anybody every time they talk they have to talk about PF. PF is history, from 12th August,” said Prof Luo.