PRESIDENTIAL Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya says PF acting president Given Lubinda and his colleagues must focus on their failed rebranding process, adding that anything they say is just intended to derail President Hakainde Hichilema’s focus.

Lubinda recently charged that President Hichilema was the one giving orders on who to arrest, noting that three, out of four people the Head of State ‘angrily’ referred to during his recent press conference had already been nabbed.

But in an interview, Bwalya said anything intended to destruct the President would not be allowed.

“Anything and everything else that anybody says is a destruction, and it is intended to derail the focus of the President. That is never going to happen and we are not going to allow that. So Let Mr Lubinda and his colleagues focus on their failed process of rebranding because it is failing. The Zambian people lost faith in them that is why they voted them out of government. We have a country to build and run and that is what we are going to focus on. The Constitution guarantees to you as the individual citizens that we uphold and protect and we shall do exactly just that. So Mr Lubinda’s comments are nothing but just political rhetoric and they do not mean anything to us,” he said.

Bwalya said President Hichilema’s priority was to rebuild the economy and fight corruption, not the PF and their internal activities.

“The President has a lot of areas of concern. Amongst those areas, the PF and their internal activities and how they conduct themselves is not a priority for the President. The President’s priorities are very clear. It is about rebuilding the economy, to create jobs for the Zambian people, fighting corruption and putting an end to it so that we can channel resources to critical areas of need for the Zambian people. The President’s priority is about reuniting the country of which we have successfully done given the outrageous 10 years that we had,” said Bwalya.

“Remember that not too long ago journalists like yourselves were not able to do your work in an environment that was safe. You were attacked, harassed and victimised when doing your job. The environment has now been cleaned up. I think it is befitting now for the first time that journalists and professionals like yourselves can celebrate your Press Freedom Day without fear of victimisation. That is the priority for the President and that is what we said we were going to be focusing on.”