PF member Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says law enforcement agencies should also investigate scandal-ridden officials in the UPND government, including those who are rich like the President himself.

In an interview, Mwamba said it was unfortunate that investigative wings were only targeting former PF government officials, leaving out those that had already been named or noticed to be corrupt in UPND.

“The most unfortunate part is that they are only targeting those of us who are PF members forgetting to follow those that already have been named or have been noticed to be corrupt. Look at the 50 million dollar fertiliser purchase [scandal], no one is even talking about it. Let’s look at the recent incident of the Foreign Affairs Minister, where he claimed he was given a calendar. A calendar after four months in a year, that’s when he was given. That to me sounds [like a] selective way of doing fair justice,” he said.

“There is need also to follow even those that are in the government today, not only those of us who were in the PF government. And if we may ask, are you telling me that all those in UPND that are rich or that were rich, they should not be investigated? They should be investigated including Hakainde Hichilema himself. How did he acquire that wealth? We need to know how he acquired that wealth, how he bought those animals and other businesses where he happens to be a director, he needs to be investigated. If he is not investigated now during his tenure of office, he will be investigated after office.”

Mwamba added that if the UPND officials were not investigated now, they must also be ready to be investigated after their tenure of office comes to an end.

“So they must also be ready that they will also be investigated. You know this world is a roller coaster, tomorrow you have all the power and within a few months, in fact, they only have four years, four months to go, they will not be in power. They will also be investigated. So this practice which they have introduced, I think it’s a fair practice, let us all be investigated, and if possible be cleared. Then let’s wait also for them who are in government. There are a lot of things we know that are happening today which may not be revealed now, but once they leave power, they must also expect to go [through] what we are going through,” he said.

And Mwamba said no one today was happy with the way the UPND was governing the country, adding that PF was even better than the current government.

“This is not positive [politics] because they will spend more time investigating instead of spending time to see that the people of Zambia have three square meals a day which they have been denied of. According to the UPND, they promised mountains for the Zambian people to live comfortably, but in this space it has been worse. PF was even better than UPND, no one is happy today in the way they are governing the country in as far as the economy is concerned. They may say the inflation rate has come down, we are not going to eat inflation, what we want is three, four meals a day. The prices of food should come down, that is what the Zambian people are looking for. What is inflation in any case? Just go into Kanyama and ask what inflation is, they don’t know the hell what it is. What they want is prices of mealie meal to come down, prices of cooking oil to come down, prices of fuel to come down,” said Mwamba.