YOYO Foods Zambia Limited has signed popular artist Elton Mulenga alias Yo Maps as its new brand ambassador for the next one year.

Speaking shortly after signing the deal, Mulenga said it was encouraging and motivating when artists were recognised by brands.

“It means a lot and it means that Zambian music is going somewhere. You know, we need brands like Yoyo to support young people like us, the Zambian artists. So, we need such. It’s encouraging, it’s motivating us to work harder. So, we need people like Yoyo,” he said.

And Mulenga’s wife Kidist Kifle said it was impressive for a company such as Yoyo Foods to sign an artist who was in a completely different field as they were.

“First off, I should make it known that we love the snacks. So, for me it was exciting because it’s him representing something that he is about. We are constantly snacking on different things. So as his wife, I was first of all proud because I know it’s a big step for a company, a brand like Yoyo to engage an artist with a completely different line of work. They’re doing different things. So, for them to reach out and say they want him to represent them, it was impressive. I’m proud and I’m excited when it comes to delivering,” said Kifle.