So, last week government resolved to write to Facebook to request that the world’s largest social media company deletes all fake accounts registered in the name of President Edgar Lungu and some Cabinet Ministers.

Making the announcement at her Wednesday press conference, Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya told journalists that the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) had already been put on that case.

We felt this was really embarrassing because it seemed unknown to the entire government that a simple process of getting a Facebook verification badge could solve their fake accounts problem. We imagined the laughter at the Facebook help-desk upon receiving such a requests from the Zambian government.

But what we didn’t know was that the Minister of Information had a better package of humour that she initially forgot to drop at the press conference where she defended President Lungu’s trip to Turkey.

The citizens’ concern was that the Head of State was eating his own vomit by continuing with his international trips because in February when he visited Ndola, he announced at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport saying: “Baleti ‘Lungu aleyendauka sana, aleyendauka sana. Ifi naisa, I am not going to travel this year, I told the Vice-President and my colleagues in Cabinet that I want to spend my whole year in Zambia if possible to see what they will say.”

But considering that this was the President’s fourth international trip abroad since he promised not to travel, The Chief Government spokesperson felt duty bound to escalate her defence of the President’s trips by taking her justification to social media.

“The President is #1 brand for Zambia, justifying his visit to the 5th largest economy in E.U. Turkey. Economic restructuring & diversification requires friends and markets. Focus must be to grow economy so that all sectors and Provinces benefit,” tweeted Siliya Wednesday evening.

We have not seen a minister get this roasted before. In fact, Madam Siliya suffered an international roast because citizens of other African countries could not help but rub in the humiliation. What we found more ironic was that this top government official was calling for fake social media accounts of government leaders to be deleted because they were misinforming the public; and her authentic page was spreading these ‘facts’. Luckily, the roasters did justice.

Tchiyiwe T Chihana
Turkey IS NOT in the E.U. plizi. Care to delete this tweet since it comes with the full weight of your office as Government Spokesperson?

Eugene Makai
At this rate does our Ambassador in Ankara know he is not serving in an E.U country? Turkey is not even in the top 10 European economies [Well because it is NOT a European country]. Spain is the 5th largest economy by GDP in Europe proper.

Ben Kangwa
Delete this Siliya. This is Twitter not Facebook. People here are educated and work, they are not easily fooled. They will call you out on your bullshit.

Chishala Bwalya
Was I drunk and missed the news that Turkey is finally part of the EU and that they have the 5th largest economy in Europe? Lutuku is definitely bad mwe

Chanda Ethel Mulenga
Turkey is not in the EU madam government spokesperson. That’s what happens when you try to justify unjustifiable things!

Trevor Simumba
This post should be deleted Madam Minister. It’s truly an embarrassing reflection of the level of mediocrity in your Government. And to coming from the Chief Government Spokesperson is doubly embarrassing.

How we end up with people like you as “leaders” is still baffling… Apparently that #1 brand only works on debt and borrowing…. the country has attracted more borrowing than actual FDI since the brand has been #1….

Mundia Akapelwa

Ba Minister muleishiba utuntu. Feeling embarrassed mwe

Noah B
Please Dora get your facts correct; you are an embarrassment to the Zambia people and the journalism profession when you do not know what you are talking about.

Mutombo Nswana
This handle should be deleted by ZICTA, we are being fed with lies.

Watson Miyaba
I can imagine how many lies we have been exposed to, since these guys lie with their heads high. Nothing good comes out of deception.

Veldrine Kapesha
Minister, are you drunk?

Mwicho Lung
This statement coming from you isn’t shocking at all. You’re appointed to defend even the indefensible otherwise you wouldn’t be in that position. Shame on you heartless rulers

Beauty Kaya
Yaku! I blame it on lack of general knowledge and carelessness for a government official to tweet such. Madam, learn to check facts before posting anything especially important stuff.
Spare #Zambia#some#embarrassment.

Prince Kapasa Chanda
Oh God of heaven and earth, how did we get here, that those from whom we expect solutions for the suffering million, we get such a lame and poor defence of the errors being committed by our current corrupt and criminal regime embarrassing us this much?

Vincent Mwansa
Proverbs 12:23
The wise don’t make a show of their knowledge, but fools broadcast their foolishness.

Zed Carmelengo
Ba Minister, ninshi akansoni kalifwa??

Kebby Kalima
Is this one of the fake accounts Madam minister? Your tweet on Turkey being part of EU is an embarrassment!

What the heck! Did you do Geography in kindergarten? Turkey in EU and among top 10 economies? Use Google engine before u say a thing. Shameful!

Musunga Kapaya
Turkey in the EU? Minister of Misinformation, what a disgrace we have for leaders. Madam, do us a favour by deleting this tweet. insoni ebuntu!

Subeta Mutelo
Madam are you serious? Turkey EU? And you are minister of information? I see you are blinded because you are eating. Stop praising nothing, we know nothing will come out of the Turkey visit. Inauguration ceremony is not business trip anyway #smh

Nawa Njekwa
Madam Siliya, not everyone is from that rural constituency of Petauke where they can’t verify nor analyze rhetorical statements.

What a stupid retarded minister. I feel bad for Zambian people, you are being led by idiots.

Mbali Zitshu
Dora I am a South African, please google “nyaope” and please stop using that madam please (Nyaope is South Africa’s worst drug made from a cocktail of dagga, heroin, Anti-retro-viral drugs, rat poison and acid. Nyaope, also known as Whoonga, is a uniquely South African street drug that is highly addictive and destructive.)

Madam kindly delete your tweet at least that’s the honourable thing you can do right now after such an embarrassing blunder from you, Especially as a min of Information, I wonder how pipo like u find themselves in such positions…Delete it plizz

No! Our minister is not going to delete this tweet because she works for a very forward thinking government. In fact, it is you the people who wrote all these malicious comments who must delete them before you get embarrassed.

We are certain that, our Great Leader of this Great Country will direct the responsible Minister to write to the European Union to recruit Turkey and solve this problem?