Last Sunday, a parallel clique of opposition leaders called for a press conference to condemn the rival group of opposition leaders that has been working with the church mother bodies to push for the now all-tired dialogue agenda. This parallel clique is composed of the FDD leader Edith Nawakwi, Wynter Kabimba of the Rainbow Party, Felix Mutati of the MMD faction and, returning to the scene, Mr Sakwiba Sikota State Counsel.

According to these ‘Fantastic Four super heroes’, the church mother bodies has connived with the opposition alliance group to cause regime change through one of its leaders, and they want Zambians to join them in thwarting this despicable agenda.

Edith Nawakwi: “When we met with the Opposition Alliance on 24th January, 2019, we had no idea that they were coming to the meeting as emissaries of the bishops… Members of the press, from the foregoing, it is clear to see and understand that the National Dialogue is only important if it guarantees the United Party for National Development and its Alliance Parties a gateway to state House in 2021. It is a vehicle for regime change and nothing else.”

In simpler English, what is irking president Nawakwi and her band is the fact that the opposition alliance wants regime change and they are trying to use the church to achieve this. If this fear of regime change was coming from Sunday Chanda, Davies Mwila or even President Edgar Lungu himself, it would make sense. But it is coming from an opposition leader like madam Nawakwi who should be calling for regime change so that her party could have an opportunity to make things better for the people of Zambia.

One would wonder; if they don’t want regime change themselves, why are they in opposition? Ordinarily, it would only make sense if these members of the ‘Fantastic Four’ called for a press conference to highlight the bad governance practices under President Lungu, and looking for strategies to ascend to power. But they are sounding like they want to take over power from the UPND, rather than from the Patriotic Front.

But there is only one way in which someone can make sense out of this. We wish to remind readers about the Editorial Opinion that we published in 2017 on the whereabouts of president Edith Nawakwi when Zambia desperately needed her voice. In that opinion, we raised an observation that some opposition leaders only show up when elections are drawing nearer, just to make money and fool voters.

“When we say that president Edith Nawakwi of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) is turning into a political opportunist, we say it with all the respect she deserves considering the achievements she has made in her political career. Nawakwi’s bio cannot be summarised without mentioning the courageous, spirited fight she gave against Frederick Chiluba’s third term bid – a debate which actually gave birth to FDD in 2001.

But now, the fact that we are beginning to list her achievements when she is still alive and leading a political party, when she is still seeking to be President of Zambia, tells us that something is amiss. Indeed, something is definitely politically wrong with Ms Edith Nawakwi. If we didn’t know what she is capable of achieving, we probably wouldn’t be holding this strong opinion against her. But we do, and the fact that Ms Nawakwi will come back to us seeking our votes not long from now, gives us the right to tell her what she needs to know when it really matters.

To start with, maybe those in FDD can help us understand; where is Edith Zewelani Nawakwi? Why is the president of the Forum for Democracy and Development hiding when Zambia desperately craves her strong voice…?” The rest of the opinion can be accessed on this link:

Well, the next general elections are coming up in just over 24 months, and here comes madam Edith Nawakwi; her voice sharp as a needle and her energy rejuvenated. This time she has even brought us a surprise from the rabbit hole in the name of Sakwiba Sikota State Counsel with his ULP (whatever the initials mean because it has been so long, we have even forgotten).

So, Mr Charles Milupi is asking a legitimate question to the ‘Fantastic Four’. What brings them together if it’s not regime change they want? The other opposition alliance has not hidden its intentions; they have said they want a dialogue process that will facilitate for peaceful elections so that they can remove PF from power. They admittedly want regime change at all costs. What about madam Nawakwi and her band, what are they up to? What common agenda brings them together?

Anyway, our caution to the people of Zambia is that they must not be swayed by the hullaballoo in either of the opposition alliances and they must not be fooled by the campaign gifts from the Patriotic Front neither. The period leading to the 2021 elections will be very dramatic. Political parties will merge for convenience; ideologies shall be thrown out of the window! Socialists will go to bed with capitalists and enemies will pretend to be best friends to dupe people, form government and steal.