What happened to Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba on Tuesday goes to prove what we said in our earlier editorial opinion about politicians who get together for selfish motives, rather than for the common good of the country. The former UPND vice-president has decided to re-join the PF, not because he believes the party’s policies are good for Zambia, but because of what the party can put in his stomach!

For the past few months, the UPND has been releasing what they called intelligence reports, alleging that the party vice-president had been bought and was in fact working with the Patriotic Front to weaken the opposition party. Less than two weeks ago, Mr GBM held a joint press conference with Mr Hichilema where he said anyone linking him to PF was stupid because it was impossible for him to go back to the ruling party.

“They are saying I am joining PF, ‘tukabwalala, natulete nsala eto ndeya mukujoina (these little thieves who have brought hunger are the ones I should go and join)?’ And sooner rather than later, they will be out of power. Look at the misery they have brought for Zambians; would I be foolish as GBM to go and join a sinking Titanic called PF? It can only take a foolish person to speak like that!” said Mr GBM.

“I am challenging all of you Zambians, is that how you know GBM? Am I a weak soul? Can I be bought for 30 pieces of silver at the expense of many Zambians who are suffering under the hands of ‘utu tu PF, tukabwalala (these little PF thieves)? There is no way I can join PF! The speculation was that they have given me US $50 million, maybe they don’t know what I am worth, I am worth more than US $50 million! How can I go and get US $50million from those guys? And in any case, do they have that money? They have stolen all the money, the Treasury is empty!”

There is no clearer way of demonstrating one’s foolishness than by doing the exact thing that you swear never to do, in the face of witnesses! If the PF were criminals last week, at what point did they stop being criminals? Thieves who have looted the whole Treasury have become angels overnight? This is the most humorous political mess that we have seen in a long time.

This man doesn’t believe that the leaders in the PF are innocent of the crimes he was accusing them. He has simply been left with no option, but to go back and join in the stealing! That is the only way that Mr GBM’s move makes sense. He wants to go and contribute to causing misery to the Zambian people.

If you look at this critically, you can see the criminal logic that is in it. Mr GBM’s businesses were folding because there was nothing to steal in the opposition. He needs to go and take part in the looting spree among those who are serving in government. His needs to get back the government contract to transport maize for the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), among other prized deals.

But Mr GBM has played a very dangerous move that may lead to his checkmate. Like he rightly pointed out, the PF is a sinking Titanic, but those inside are not completely foolish. They are using desperate methods to keep the vessel afloat. Mr GBM was boasting that he is worth more than US $50 million, but the PF knows that the man is not even worth his own words. That is why it was easy to lure him with an empty candy box like a little child. He has been played and he has fallen right into their trap!

The idea behind taking Mr GBM away from UPND has nothing to do with what he can offer to the Patriotic Front, but the damage he can cause to the opposition party. This, in our view, is the beginning of the end of Mr GBM. As soon as he runs out of anything more to say against the UPND and Mr Hichilema, that will be it, they will have no further use for him.

We would now like to invite the rest of the citizens of this country to take keen interest in the political happenings in each and every political party that is seeking to govern them – including the PF that wants to extend its mandate. In Mr Mwamba’s language they say “icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya”. Be careful with these crooks wearing political jackets. They have no principles or morality. When hunger strikes, they can shamelessly do anything to eat, like Mr GBM has done. It is only the civil servant, the famer and the economy that suffers; their stomachs are always full!