WHENEVER you invite Zambia’s founding president Dr Kenneth Kaunda to an event, regardless of the occasion you wish him to attend, when granted an opportunity to speak, he will start or end by saying two things: “Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself” and “do unto others what you would like them do unto you”.

There are two reasons why Dr Kaunda keeps preaching this message. Firstly, because the Bible says so, and secondly, because he has lived so many years on this earth and experience tells him that these two teachings can unite a nation beyond tribe, race, religion, economic status and political affiliation.

These teachings form the principle of the Golden Rule as this maxim is found in many religions and cultures. Therefore, you don’t need to be a Christian to appreciate the value in these teachings. In fact, you don’t even need to read or attribute it to the bible, the message simply makes sense to any human being with five senses. In life, before you take any actions, it is always important to consider the feelings of others. That is what Dr Kaunda teaches us. It is foolish to treat your neighbour in a manner that you would not want to be treated.

For many years, the ruling party in Zambia has been thriving on the narrative that the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) is a satanic party; that its leader Hakainde Hichilema is a freemason and practices Satanism. They have been thriving on the narrative that the opposition UPND is a tribal party and that Tongas are selfish people who must never be allowed to rule this country.

The Patriotic Front has enjoyed doing this to the UPND and Mr Hichilema, even in instances when they know it is not true. This was good for them because through this misinformation, they have been winning elections and enjoying the sweetness that comes with power. Everyone in PF enjoyed inflicting this pain on their political rivals, from President Edgar Lungu to Mr Kennedy Kamba. They simply loved it! The PF forgot about Dr Kaunda’s message which teaches them to do unto others what they would love others do unto them.

Here we are today. Posterity has looked PF in the eyes and judged them with the same measure of harshness that they had been judging others. In just two weeks, the Patriotic Front has moved from being the accuser to being the accused. They have moved from being innocent God-loving saints to evil doers who entered into satanic covenants with agents of the underworld in order to win elections. Thanks to Seer 1, the whole country now knows who is a Satanist among the politicians.

We know the PF hates what the Nigerian self-confessed Satanist has done to their reputation, but we are here to remind them that this is what they did to the UPND. At the time, PF did not care about the feelings of Mr Hichilema and his party; even without any evidence, they enjoyed spreading hate messages against their neighbours because it advanced their agenda. Now, Seer 1 has inflicted the same measure of pain which the ruling party has been inflicting on the UPND for years. It is their turn to try and clean themselves of the satanic tag. PF should not complain because Seer 1 is doing to them what they like doing to others. In English, this is called having a taste of your own medicine.

And thanks to Professor Nkandu Luo, Bizwell Mutale and Chanda Nyela, the Patriotic Front is now the reigning tribalist party in the country. Once again, posterity has judged PF with the same measure of wrath which they show to their political rivals. All this has just happened in a space of two weeks. The PF has lost the moral right to accuse the UPND or any other party of being tribal, they hove lost the moral right to call others Satanists because according to records, a supernatural voodoo expert has confessed to giving “do as I say” powers to Cabinet ministers and probably the President himself. Who are we to argue? People have seen the black rings they are wearing and they have heard the tribalism coming out of the PF leadership in Chilubi. It’s their duty to clean themselves of the tribal and satanic tag now, and time is moving very fast.

This is what happens to selfish and insensitive people who care less about the feelings and reputations of others. Such people cannot unite a nation. They may claim by word of mouth that they want to promote national unity, but it amounts to nothing if they don’t respect governance stakeholders. How can you champion unity in a nation when you are in the forefront of spreading false information about others? How can you reap love for one another when you are always sowing seeds of hatred?

The PF must learn from these past two weeks that they can fool everyone in Zambia, but they cannot fool God. Lesa wamulinganya!