Puma Energy Zambia PLC has refuted allegations that the oil company is involved in fuel smuggling activities.
On friday last week, the Zambia Revenue Authority disclosed that it had discovered an organized fuel smuggling syndicate through the Chirundu One-Stop Boarder Post worth over K2.8 million in unpaid duty and taxes.

And it was revealed that the smuggling was being done through an agent Chombe Gondwe, who was importing the fuel on behalf of Puma Energy PLC.

But in statement today, Puma Energy PLC explained that some fraudulent people had been using the company name to conduct smuggling activities and that the fuel service station had been enjoying cordial relations with ZRA.

“Puma Energy Zambia is aware of the media articles about fuel smuggling activities in Zambia following the publication of a press release by the ZRA on Friday, 1st December 2017. Any suggestion that Puma Energy is involved in fuel smuggling is simply incorrect. Since this issue first came to our attention in September this year, we have worked and fully cooperated with the ZRA’s investigation, and undertook our own investigations, which revealed the fraudulent use of Puma Energy’s identity in fuel smuggling activities,” Stated Puma Energy Zambia PLC.

“Puma Energy, the market leader in the retail business in Zambia, remains steadfast and committed to the best practice locally and internationally in all its business transactions, and to give the best service possible to its esteemed customers.”