Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority public relations manager Ngabo Nankonde has warned bus operators and transporters to stop engaging in postal and courier services without licenses or face prosecution by May 4, 2018.

In a statement yesterday, Nakonde revealed that an investigation by the authority found 15 bus operators at Lusaka’s Inter-city Bus Terminal providing postal and courier services to the public without a licenses.

“The Authority has observed that some bus operators and transporters are illegally transporting parcels that are designated as postal and courier items from one point to the other without licences. Consumers are therefore, advised to desist from dealing with illegal postal and courier operators, and are further informed that any damage or loss occurred whilst dealing with illegal operators will be at their own risk. In recent inspections conducted as part of the Authority’s strategy to ensure compliance in its area of mandate in line with the law and the Licence Terms and Conditions, ZICTA found fifteen (15) Bus operators at Lusaka Inter-city Bus Terminal, operating postal and courier services to the public without a licence,” Nankonde stated.

She stated that only Mazhandu was licensed to provide courier services.

“The inspections were targeted at postal and courier bus operators, suspected illegal operators and various business entities. Out of those inspected, among the bus operators, only Mazhandu Bus was found to have an operating licence while the other 15 bus operators were not compliant with the requirements as prescribed in the law. The Authority will continue to sensitise both the operators and members of the public on the requirements of the law. With the introduction of the Postal regulations in 2016, all operators in the Postal and courier services sector are obliged to have an operating licence from ZICTA,” stated Nankonde.

“ZICTA is directing all business entities conducting postal and courier services without a licence from ZICTA, to adhere to Postal Services (General) Regulations Statutory Instrument number 31 of 2016. To this effect, ZICTA is notifying all businesses, bus operators and transporters illegally conducting postal and courier services to regularize their business operations by applying for a postal and courier licence from ZICTA by Friday, May 4 2018. Thereafter, the Authority shall undertake enforcement action, which among others, will include confiscating parcels and prosecution of offenders.”