The Mkushi Copper Mine in Luano District is set to resume full operations before the end of this year, 40 years after mining activities were shut, Central Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kabwe has revealed.

Kabwe made this announcement when he toured the site, Thursday, where he was informed by the contractor SHI & YAN Mining Limited of China that works had advanced ahead of the full operations.

Chanda said the revival of the mine was in response to calls from the provincial administration to invest in the region and bring the mine back to life.

Mkushi Copper Mine, which was shut down in 1976, had since changed hands from one company to the other without significant success until last year when the Chinese firm took over.

And Kabwe said Luano would be a powerful mining town that would change its economic outlook in the foreseeable future once the mine resumes its operations.

“Just like Copperbelt or Western provinces, where we have seen success stories; we are not politicking, this is serious investment and we are saying, Luano will be transformed and the livelihood of our people in Luano will change,” Kabwe predicted.

And site manager Hon Yunge said the company had decided to invest in Central Province because of the friendly environment and political stability in the country.

“We want to set a good example for future investors that would like to invest here in Central Province, particularly in Luano District; the investment opportunity here in Zambia is fantastic because we have stable political situation and we have so many wonderful Zambians,” Yunge said.

Meanwhile, Luano District Commissioner Christopher Chibuye said the remote district, which had a population of 40,000 people, was on the verge of becoming the number one producer of all minerals in the country.

“I am told that it is over US $65 million that has been pumped into this investment and this is not a small investment; it will actually hugely benefit the people in Luano through job creation,” said Chibuye.

“Luano had lagged behind for a long time because of the vastness of the area, particularly before being annexed from Mkushi.”