Zambia National Farmers’ Union president Jervis Zimba has condemned ongoing manoeuvres by some quasi-government institutions to re-introduce Genetically-Modified foods (GMOs) into the country.

In a statement, Zimba revealed that the Union was aware of the manoeuvres being propagated by some quasi-government institutions, but warned against re-introducing the GMOs as it will have devastating consequences on the local market.

“ZNFU is aware of manoeuvres by certain quasi-government authorities that are trying to propagate the importation of Genetically Engineered Foods into the country. These authorities are trying to scheme ways of legitimising Genetically Modified Foods in the country at the expense of what we have safeguarded for years,” Zimba disclosed in a press release issued, Wednesday.

“We are aware that some authorities are trying to reintroduce the topic of GMOs. But why now? These mushrooming authorities are causing headache to the farming community.”

He advised government to be wary against re-introducing GMOs back into the country as it would have adverse effects on local producers and thwart Zambia’s growth agenda.

“Government should be wary of the intentions of some of these quasi-government authorities. Most of them do not mean well to the country’s growth agenda. We are aware of some of the people propagating this. ZNFU will fight and thwart all efforts bent on legitimising GMOs. This country has made huge sacrifices to reach this far and the Union will not sit idly by while wrong things are being done,” cautioned Zimba.

“It is important to note that this country is a non-GMO country, and any manoeuvres towards legitimising GMOs will have far-reaching implications than we can comprehend. As ZNFU, we shall not subscribe to GMOs and shall reject processes that seek to sneak into the country or dump GM foods on our market. The sector that will be hurt most if GMOs are allowed is the agriculture sector. Farmers will be the worst affected.”