The Africa Consumer Union has asked Zambians to reject food containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) that is imported on the Zambian market by the government, warning of serious health implications.

In a statement, ACU 1st Vice President Muyunda Ilunga appealed to President Edgar Lungu to provide leadership by ensuring that he puts his foot down and prevents the importation of GMO products on the Zambian Market.

Ilunga charged that the continued importation of food that contain GMOs was an insult to both the farming and manufacturing community in Zambia.

“Zambia has the capacity to produce sufficient non-GMO agricultural products and also to manufacture non-GMO products such as cornflakes and porridge. It’s a big insult to both the agricultural and manufactures sectors in Zambia therefore that the country continues to squander foreign exchange to import poison to feed consumers even when healthy alternatives are plentiful. What is even worse is that these are the types of foods that been aggressively marketed to appeal to children and young people. Greedy food corporations have aggressively marketed their GMO products to policy-makers and public in the name of ending world hunger but many studies have shown that Biotechnology has lamentably failed to ensure food security in the world. For Zambia, the situation is dire. We have a weak regulatory regime and institutions that are seen to be cheer-leaders for dubious GMO products and as a result, the country’s policy on GMO products is full of twists and turns. Today this, tomorrow that,” stated Ilunga.

“Let me take this chance to appeal to the consumers of this country; do not be misled, GMOs are not safe. There is still, as a matter of fact intense debate in many areas of the world. Beware of the long-term effect that GMOs can cause to your health. Do not become a willing victim of cancer. Avoid eating GMOs and stay healthy. You the consumers must reject GMOs even if your government allows them on the Zambian Market. It’s about your health. Let me also appeal to President Lungu to provide leadership and ensure that he puts his foot down and prevent or outlaw the Importation of GMO products on the Zambian Market.”