Zambia Chamber of Mines optimistic of annual conference growth

The Zambia Chamber of Mines has projected that its annual National Conference on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment will continue to attract more international players in the mining sector.

In an interview during the fifth National Conference on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment held at Protea Hotel in Ndola, Chamber of Mines chief executive officer Sokwani Chilembo said the annual event continued to grow and attract participation from a large international audience as well as growing in terms of local participation.

“We have more contractors coming on board and the hope is that the rest of the mining industry will take an interest because when we are talking about bench-marking in the sector, we are actually bench-marking, not just within the chamber membership, but across the industry as a whole. We do this because we want the best practices, which are shared here to diffuse throughout the industry, right through to the small quarry operators, to the small gemstone operators that are not members of the Chamber, but who do contribute to the country’s industry,” Chilembo said.

On the long-term significance of the conference, Chilembo said the annual event was a platform on which to assimilate and accumulate the knowledge for stakeholders in the industry.

– Courtesy of SUMA SYSTEMS.

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