HH finally surrendered to High Court for trial

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema waves at his supporters at Court-Picture -By Tenson Mkhala

Lusaka principal resident magistrate David Simusamba has committed Hakainde Hichilema and five others to the High Court for Trial.

When the case was called, the state informed the court that the matter was coming up for commital to the High Court.

“Unless the defence wants to address the court, This matter comes up for committal to the High Court for trial,” said a state prosecutor.

“On behalf of DPP I invite the court to commit to the high court the case of the people vs HH.”

Magistrate Simusamba then committed the accused persons to the High Court for trial because the defense did not object.

Among those in attendance were GBM, Vernon Mwaanga, Mutale Nalumango, Sylvia Masebo, Nevers Mumba, Charles Milupi late Mazoka’s wife Mutinta accompanied by her namesake HH’s wife and GBM’s wife


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