Two UPND supporters charged with murder have been committed to the Lusaka High Court for trial.

Febian Mwanza popularly known as ‘Junior Mbuzi’ and James Banda alias ‘Meno Meno’ both aged 23 are alleged to have murdered Steven Kalipa after the cancellation of a UPND rally that was scheduled to be held in Kanyama on April 2, 2017.

Lusaka magistrate Judy Chiyayika referred the duo’s case to the High Court after dismissing an application by defense lawyer Martha Mushipe to refer the case to the High Court for constitutional determination after the state produced a certificate of committal from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Magistrate Chiyayika said there was no way she could entertain Mushipe’s application.

“ The committal certificate dated 22 May, 2017 was presented before this court and it therefore follows that this court cannot deal with case any longer,” said Chiyayika before committing Mwanza and Banda to the High Court.